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BOTD 9/9/16 "A Hoot Or A Droop?" An Anonymous Production

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David M. Katz


An Anonymous Production

Your son, Reginald, is 17 and in Grade 12 at Suburban Utopia High School. He has usually been a responsible young man who has proved trustworthy in the past...

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This year they are having a Halloween party at the high school for senior students - those in grades eleven and twelve only -the younger grades are having a separate party in another gym with a little more adult supervision.

He has bought a Halloween costume online, but has not shown it to anyone yet since it's supposed to be a 'secret'. You have no reason to think that your son would do anything inappropriate and the desire to hide his costume until the night does not arose any suspicions in you...

It's now Halloween, and Reginald finally reveals his costume as he is going out the door (actual picture from the website he bought it from):

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It's only a few minutes until the Halloween party starts and there is really no possibility that a decent substitute could be made during that time and all...

Does Reggie get to go to the party? Any other suggestions as to what happens next?

(Link to costume if you want to order one for your own son: )

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

David M. Katz

Personally, I find the costume hilarious and the party is obviously for older teens and adults.

I am going to tell Reggie to enjoy the party but I will strongly suggest he take a t-shirt with him just in case someone is offended or there is a problem. That way he can stay at the party in orange shorts, t-shirt and white wig if needed.

Hopefully all there will have a good laugh.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


I really wouldn't consider this costume appropriate in the first place. The fact that the party is being held at the high school marks this with a big 'NO' for me.

As to what to do....

Part of me wants to ask him what made him ever think this would be appropriate. Part of me wants to text a picture to the principal and ask his guidance.

Of course, in my house, the idea that there isn't a decent substitute available is just ridiculous. However, since that's part of the scenario, and since this is probably just the result of adolescent humor, not ill intentions, I'll probably follow him to a Halloween store, where he can pick something a little more appropriate to wear.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


I think the key is that the party is AT the high school. If it were at a private home, I would agree with DMK. At the school, in today's world of "microaggressions" (God, how I hate both the word and the concept), I'm going to agree with Jack.


Editor Extraordinaire
There is no way this is an appropriate costume for a school-sponsored event. I have plenty of things Reginald can change into, and if he wants to go, he can choose an alternative from what I offer. I suggest my vampire cape or he can borrow Bryan's navy uniform and go as a sailor. He can even borrow my mortarboard, gown and hood, take one of my rattan canes and go as Mr. Chips. Razz Otherwise, there is no point in his going, as he'll certainly be turned away and possibly risk some sort of punishment. I see no reason to punish him myself. He can keep this puerile costume for another occasion.



I'm in agreement with both Jack and Kat.... That would be a BOG NO NO for a school event and best to head that off now....

Hugs kal

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