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BOTD 9/10/16 "Stress Relief" A DMK Production

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1 BOTD 9/10/16 "Stress Relief" A DMK Production on Fri Sep 09, 2016 3:32 pm

David M. Katz

A DMK Production

Flynn is your thirteen year old son.  Seth, also thirteen, is your neighbor and has been Flynn's best friend since the boys were toddlers.  Seth is being raised by a single mother as his sperm donor has been out of the picture since he found out Seth's mother was pregnant.  Flynn considers Seth his brother and you have been a surrogate father for Seth.  You treat Seth like he was your own even when it comes to spanking. (You have his mother's full permission.) Seth is basically a really good boy and has been over your knee far less than Flynn.  (Usually if Seth got in trouble Flynn had something to do with it.)

Sadly, Seth's mother was involved in a serious car accident recently when she was broadsided by a drunk driver. Things were touch and go for her for a few days but she is expected to make a full recovery but it will take a little time. Of course while his mother was in the hospital, Seth stayed with you.  To finish her recovery, Seth's mother will need to go across state to stay with her sister who is a nurse.  She is expected to be away about six weeks but it is the best option for her recovery. Seth is staying with you during his mother's recovery.

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Seth's mom has only been away for two days and you go out in to your garden shed and there you find Seth and he is smoking a cigarette.  Flynn then stumbles on to the scene and, before you can start asking questions, Flynn starts talking.

"It's my fault, Dad.  Seth's stressed out and needed something to calm him down and I heard smoking could help.  I got a couple of cigarettes from this kid I know from school who gets them from his big brother."

Seth gives the same story.

What happens to the boys?

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


It sounds as though Flynn is saying he hasn't smoked. Nicotine test strips are cheap, so we can check that, then keep checking for a while, just to be sure.

In the meantime, both boys have done something illegal (the law prohibits possession, not just actual use). On the other hand, I can understand both Seth's stress, and Flynn's attempt to help.

I'm going to have a talk with both boys. We're going to look up the laws and penalties, so they'll understand what they were risking. Then I'll remind them of the penalty for illegal behavior - the switch.

Then I'll waive it.

Both boys knew they were doing wrong, and they should have known to come talk to me. I'm going to ask what they think, but I'm pretty sure they'll both be getting a session with the hairbrush.

Then, since tonight is Friday, we're going to do something to help Seth relax and enjoy himself a bit, which will include a stop at the mall to pick up some stress relieving incense and bath salts.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."

Pi Beta

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Much will depend on how Seth has reacted to the cigarette smoke. If he's coughing and spluttering, I'll accept the argument at face value and, after a long talk about the long term dangers from smoking, give him a pass since it's clear it was his first and that he hated it.

If, however, he was "comfortable" smoking, he's going to be extremely uncomfortable sitting since he's clearly not new to smoking and I need to wean him off it as quickly as possible and will be introducing testing for both.

If this was Seth's introduction to smoking, then Flynn will get a mixture of praise and punishment. Praise for being concerned for his friend's mental health but punishment for endangering his physical health. And he will be tested occasionally.

Once I've dealt with them as above, I think a relaxing soak in the hot tub might benefit all three of us!


Editor Extraordinaire
Cigarettes aren't stress relieving when you find out you're dying of lung cancer or emphysema, or when you have a stroke or heart attack. I think in the circumstances, I'm going to recommend more appropriate ways of dealing with stress along with giving a very stern warning.



I'm in agreement with Kat.


I've seen no evidence that either of them has smoked before so I can see no reason not to accept Flynn's explanation.

I honestly don't see anything will be gained by spanking Seth in his current stressed situation and if I'm not going to spank him then I can hardly spank Flynn.

Reckon there must be some chores around the place they can be set to work on that should keep Seth's mind occupied.

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