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BOTD 9/18/16 "A Proper Punishment " A Jack Production

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David M. Katz

A Jack Production

You're having your afternoon private time, relaxing before dinner, and letting your kids run free, when you receive a text.  It's from your friend and neighbor, Jay Licht.  There's a wreck on the highway, the tow truck just showed up, and there's no way he's going to be on time to pick up the boys.  Could you handle it, please?

Mentally, you run through your list of available drivers, but pickings are pretty scarce right now, so you decide to run get them yourself.  Flipping a coin, you head for the younger kids field first, and the three of them (your two youngest sons and Jay's next oldest are on the same team) are all waiting for you.  You explain why you're picking them up (and not on time), while they climb in, and then you head off to get their big brothers - your son, Leif, and Jay's son, Gage (both 13).

When you get to the field, they're not there.  You check your watch, but you're not really even ten minutes late.  As hot as it is, you doubt they decided to walk home.  You see the coach, who's talking to a couple of boys, and you start to head over there, but decide to call the boys first.

Leif answers his phone and tells you that they walked up to 7-11 with a friend of their to get Slurpees, since you (Jay) weren't on time.  You manage not to snap, and tell them to wait there and you'll get them.

(Leif and Gage, dribbling their ball up to the convenience store)

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Of course, when you get there, the younger boys all want Slurpees of their own.  You explain that you don't have time now, but you promise they can get some after their next game.

When you get home, you send the younger boys to get cleaned up. You've called Jay, and he tells you he's still stuck in traffic.  Now you turn to the two older boys.

"Do you both have phones?"

"Yes, sir."

"You know that Jay has to deal with traffic, and that it sometimes takes him a bit longer to get you guys.  He was not late, and even if he was, didn't I tell you right where you're to wait?"

"Yes, sir."

"Did you have permission to leave?"

"No, sir," the boys respond, starting to get nervous.

"What are those things in your pocket - right there?"


"Phones are not to play games.  They're not to listen to music, take pictures, or surf the net.  All those are extras.  The reason you boys have phones is so you can stay in contact.  What should you have done?"

"Called to see if we could go?"

"Or when Dad was going to be there?"

"That's right.  You know what you should have done.  Since you didn't do it - since you didn't use your phones for the reason they're provided, maybe you'll remember it better if you don't have them for a few days."

"No, please don't take my phone."

"Please, Dad!  We're sorry."

"Yeah!  Can't you just whup us?"

Should you stick with a logical consequence, or is a sore bottom good enough in this case?

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


I don't think they get to pick their punishment. And awful as I understand your whuppins to be, they seem preferably to these boys to losing their phones for a couple of days. I think they'll learn the lesson I'm trying to teach better from losing their phones than a "sharp shock". I'm sticking to my original sentence.


Editor Extraordinaire
I'm not sure of the wisdom of taking the phones. What happens if something comes up and we actually need the communication as more than a convenience? (Also, do I even have authority to take Gage's phone?) If this is a one-time incident, I'm more inclined to go with a stern warning. If I decide to punish, I should consult Jay and reach an agreement with him. Whupping or some other restriction would be more appropriate than taking the phones, I think.


David M. Katz

DITTO. cat

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


Put me in the Kat(z) club


I was less than ten minutes late so the store must have been close by.  It was a hot day and they had just finished their match - they answered their phone when it rang and they wouldn't have known to call ME anyway.

Did they tell the coach where they were going?  - I didn't ask him.

I'm going to cut them some slack.  A warning about calling their expected lift FIRST if they want to move from the appointed spot.

Pi Beta

I'm taking their phones.

BUT, they'll get them back when next they leave their houses - so will explain this to the Gage's father having explained the ploy to him. Leif will get his back when next he has to go out - however soon that might be, though I won't tell him that until I give it him

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I'm inclined to still take thier phones but they will only get them back when they leave for school in the morning and when they return home they will be taken and turned off .... Until the restrictions over....

Twisted Evil now if they would really prefer the whupping then so be it.....

Hugs kal


I have had that talk with my kids: "your phones are for staying in contact - everything else is gravy." I'm not sure if Jay has had it with his kids.

To be very clear, the boys were told, when we first found out where their practices would usually be, 'stay right in this area - if we're going to be more than a few minutes late, someone will call you.'

I honestly didn't see this as the crime of the century, but also keep in mind that this is only the fourth week of practice. I did suggest taking their phones, but I wasn't serious about it. Both of them were wearing basketball shorts and compression shorts, so they each got a few firm swats with the big spoon. After six each, I had them drop shorts and.. shorts, then had them bend back over. Both were panicky at that point, but I said, "I guess that's red enough. Get dressed and don't do it again."

About six more weeks to see how firm an impression I made.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


Seems to me the phones are as much for the parents convenience as the boys, I will aree to the 'whuppings.' and use an appropiate paddle for the purpose

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