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BOTD 09-27-2016 A Special Delivery - A DMK Production

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Bransom Postmaster
A DMK Production

You deliver packages for a national parcel delivery service.  (You are rather partial to your brown shorts. Razz  )  One of the stops on your route is the high school.

Today you have a delivery for the high school and when you approach the office you see your fifteen year-old son, Cooper:

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You are rather certain he isn't waiting to receive his Student of the Year award and so you ask what is going on.  After much stammering and trying to evade the question, Cooper finally admits he skipped school yesterday and got busted.  He says he is waiting to see the principal about it and he is sure he is going to get paddled.

Had you not been at the school at this time then you probably would know nothing about this as you signed the needed waivers at the start of the school year and would most likely not have been notified.

You have to get back to your route but you tell Cooper that you all need to discuss this issue at home this evening.

What happens in that discussion?

(Even though he is fifteen, you have no problem taking a belt to Cooper's backside when it is needed.)

Can you dig it?


(Even though he is fifteen, you have no problem taking a belt to Cooper's backside when it is needed.)

Good. I think that answers how the discussion goes.

I imagine that the discussion will go something like this...

"Get over the bed"
"Dad, no!"
"Bend over. Pants down! Now!"
"Please, dad! Not the belt! Can't you use your hand?"
"I already used my hand last weekend. And it did no good. Now you get the belt. Now, over the pillow"
"I'll be good, I promise."
"That's right, you will"
"If you just behaved yourself, you wouldn't need this."
"Get your hand out of the way"
"Aaah! I'm sorry daddy! I'm sorry!"
"If you were sorry, I wouldn't have to keep punishing you like this."
"Ooww daddy! Please!"
"Do you want me to get the brush?"
"Or the paddle?"
"Please no!"
"I want better marks at your school, do you hear me?"
"Yes sir!"
"Then get your hand out of the way, and lift your bottom up higher. Higher!"
"No please daddy!! No please, I'm sorry. Not the belt, please! I'm sorry. Please don't. I'm sorry daddy. Not the belt!! Please!! Not the belt! No daddy! I'm sorry, please!! Not the belt! No! No, please! Ow! No please don't! Ow!! It hurts! Please, it hurts!! Oww! No don't! Ow! Please stop daddy! I'm - Ow!! I won't do it again! I promise! I won't do it! Ow! Please stop daddy! Please! Ow!! It hurts, it hurts!! Oww! I'm sorry daddy! Please stop! OW!! I'm sorry! Ow!! Ow!! It hurts, daddy! Please let me go! Ow! I won't do it again, I promise! Ow!! I promise, daddy, I'm sorry!! Ow!! It hurts! Ow! It hurts, please stop! Please let me go! Ow!! I'm sorry daddy, I'm sorry, I won't do it again! Ow! Ow!! I'm sorry daddy... please stop... ow!! Please! Ow! I'm sorry... please..."
"There. I'm glad that we had this discussion, son, aren't you? We covered a lot."


Editor Extraordinaire
If the school handled it with cp, I don't think I need to pile on additional punishment. However, we will have a discussion in which I make clear that truancy is illegal and can have much worse repercussions for him than a paddling. It can affect his grades and perhaps end up with him on an alternative campus or in a court room. It can even end with me being called to account to a judge for Cooper's truancy. None of these things had better ever happen. I can only hope he has learned his lesson. Any further occurrences, and I'll put him under a level of supervision that will ensure his attendance -- and woe betide the school if they don't have procedures in place to prevent him from leaving during the day and providing me with immediate notification if he fails to turn up in a class.



Ditto Kat.

David M. Katz


Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


(You are rather partial to your brown shorts.)

Stevie is rather partial to those too!

As for Cooper, it's been covered - which no doubt his butt was when he got paddled at school but wouldn't have been had I needed to deal with him.


The school has dealt with it, the only reinforcement needed is words - and a promise if there are any future occasions.


From my end, skipping school isn't quite as bad as it used to be, since the Texas legislature recently changed how they handle things (no locking up parents of truant kids anymore). Still, it is illegal behavior, and it can signify or lead to worse things.

In this case, I'm willing to give Cooper a chance to explain himself and prevent me from reinforcing the lesson when he gets home, but he'll have to have a darned good excuse.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


I will see how Cooper goes after the schools paddling. We will be chatting about why what Cooper did was not acceptable and will consider the belt if Cooper starts making a habit of this. Also in a case of truancy if there are legal ramifications then I do want the school to let me know about it in future


Editor Extraordinaire
squarecutter wrote:Also in a case of truancy if there are legal ramifications then I do want the school to let me know about it in future

Schools should always contact the parent or guardian if a child doesn't show up to class unless the parent/guardian has reported the child will be absent or signed the child out with the school staff. If something happens to a missing child, the school is responsible and should be held accountable. Also, it's not fair to the community to have truants roaming around, free of any sort of supervision. Kids are quite often responsible for vandalism and home break-ins/burglaries while truanting. In one case in Dallas a few years ago, that led to a tragedy when a homeowner shot a 14-year-old who was trying to force the door to his house.


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