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BOTD 09-28-2016 Doesn't Pass the Sniff Test - A Kat Production

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Doesn’t Pass the Sniff Test
A Kat Production

Your thirteen-year-old son Xavier is starting puberty, while at the same time getting very slack about hygiene. Your spouse insists that Xavier shower every evening, but the showers are getting shorter and shorter. Tonight when he emerges after approximately two minutes, (s)he calls him over and asks if he really showered, defining that as using soap and shampoo. He gets snippy: “You said to take a shower and I took a shower, so get the F off my back.” He doesn’t actually say the f-word, but both his tone and volume are objectionable.

Xavier - 13
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You usually handle the discipline so how do you handle this?

Can you dig it?



I'll let Mr. Theo answer this one and all...

"You should also know that father and Atlee between them had to frogmarch him to the ablutions room in the stable, then actually force him under the douche to wash before they could allow the smelly little bastard to get dressed for the ball."

Worked in 1901, will work in 2016 just as well...  Twisted Evil

Stevie (the unwanted).


I'm going to tell Xavier that I won't be spoken to in that manner, nor will I allow him to speak that way to his mother. He'll get a pass this time, but will be on final warning for any future episodes.

As to the main issue, I'm going to point out that his body is changing, and that, frankly, he stinks. He's going to be ostracized at school if that continues. He can either take care of this issue properly himself, or I'll bathe him like a little kid--and I'm sure he'd find that VERY embarrassing indeed.


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I'm with Kier. I suppose it's possible to take an adequate two minute, but my suspicion would be Xavier got in, got wet and then got out. I've dealt with plenty of 13-year-olds whom I wish their parents had forced to exercise adequate hygiene. It was embarrassing for them when I had to ask the school nurse to call them in for a chat.



I can but hope he'll get a girlfriend soon, although if he's smelling like that the only sort of girl he's likely to get........ No -I don't want to go there!!

The forced shower/bath sounds like a good idea, but it's likely to be a wet and messy struggle. Perhaps when we've done that I can find a new way of drying him off Smile


"First of all, Xavier, we don't speak to you that way, so it's not acceptable for you to speak to us that way. Second, it's obvious you didn't take a proper shower, and you know that's what's required. Let's you and I go back to the bathroom, and I'll teach you how to do that properly. It's your decision if you need a paddling before the shower."

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


I agree with Jack on this and also Kiers reasons for why. Ivor can choose whether he wishes to be treated as a big boy or not

David M. Katz

ivor wrote:. Perhaps when we've done that I can find a new way of drying him off Smile

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Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

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