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BOTD 10-04-2016 "Feel the Burn" An ivor Production

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Feel The Burn
An Ivor Production

You are on the way home from the shopping mall when you see your 13 year old son Simon with his friend Terry. Simon is on the left.

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Simon was out in the sun too long yesterday and got rather sunburnt on the upper parts of his body that weren't covered up.

You grounded him today as a way of ensuring that he kept out of the sun until he'd recovered.

When you stop and ask him what he is doing out when he shouldn't be and why he now has the whole of his upper body uncovered, his answer is:

"I wanted to get the rest to match."

Are you going to take him home and ensure his butt also matches?

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Can you dig it?


No. I am going to have a discussion about sunburn, even once, being implicated in causing skin cancer and "age spots" when he gets older though. I can't imagine grounding a kid for getting sunburnt, though I guess it's time honored in the US (and perhaps other) navies as "destruction of government property".

David M. Katz

Why did I not give him sunscreen?

Well he has been shirtless all day in the sun - that is going to sting later. A cool shower and some aloe with Lidocaine will help.

I will get him some sunscreen so he can work on evening things out more safely.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


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I'm sending over to Kier's to get that sunburn lecture.



I'm torn on this. 'Grounding' him (even for a day) seems rather idiotic. If you use a consequence arbitrarily and without justification, it loses it's meaning. I think this is a case where natural consequences will do best, but he will get lectured while I'm applying the lotion.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


I agree with Kat. He needs to get his arms back to the colour of his torso not the other way around. I came home from Fiji with appalling sunburn. It was a very uncomfortable and long flight. I wouldnt wish it on anyone and he needs to know what the health risks are.. Now Im grounding him for another day too

David M. Katz

David M. Katz wrote:so he can work on evening things out more safely.

Of course others may have other ideas on how to even him out. Razz Twisted Evil

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


1) He has a serious sunburn...
2) He was forbidden to go out as a punishment for this carelessness...
3) He is further exposing his body to serious damage...

I don't know about you guys, but to me, this is a serious issue.

My uncle died of skin cancer caused by over exposure to the sun before he was my age... and he suffered terribly over the course of his illness.

He goes home now... and he's grounded for a week without electronics (including his Ithing) and all...

If he breaks this grounding there will be very serious consequences indeed...


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