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BOTD 10/09/16 "Munchausen By Older Brother" A Kat Production

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David M. Katz

Munchausen by Older Brother
A Kat Production

Your spouse kept your younger son, 10-year-old Holt, home from school a while back, as he threw up violently after breakfast. Although he didn’t throw up again, he claimed to feel ill all day, though sufficiently recovered by lunch to play games while resting in bed. This happened a second time, and then a third time, always on school days, always with one bout of vomiting followed by a symptom-free day. This pattern arouses your suspicions sufficiently that the next time Holt runs to the bathroom on a school morning, you sneakily follow after him, throw the door open and catch him about to drink a mustard and water cocktail prepared in advance and left in the medicine cabinet. When you ask him where he learned about this trick, he implicates his brother, 15-year-old Benjamin.

Holt - 10
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Benjamin - 15
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What happens next?

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

David M. Katz

RX for Muchausen by Older Brother

Sig: Dispense one paddle
Use liberally on buttocks of 10 year old, repeat as needed
Use liberally on buttocks of 15 year old (adjusted for older age), repeat as needed

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


Ah, but do we believe Holt? He probably believes that he might be in trouble, the sort that involves a sore bottom, after this stunt and might also have the idea that distributing the blame might also distribute the punishment.

Is there any evidence to support the claim that this trick was Benjamin's idea other than Holt's word for it? Unless I can remember Benjamin bringing up his breakfast at convenient times in the past I am not inclined believe Holt. So he gets a double whack of punishment, once for the dodge and once again for trying to get his brother into trouble with him.


I somewhat see what Zac proposes, but I see another aspect here. I see a boy who was able to feign illness for three days and thereby get to ditch school for those three days. I say he has earned a very sore bottom for this, and I would be inclined to spank him on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights to give him the message this sort of "crying wolf behavior" will not be allowed.

Now, having decided upon that course of action, I then go to see my 15 year-old son, Benjamin, and ask him precisely what he knows/doesn't know. Does he have a history of lying and "partial truths?"  Can his testimony be depended on?

If I then find that Benjamin had NO involvement here, and anything that Holt claimed Benjamin said was a fabrication, I might need to make appropriate adjustments to the paddlings Holt receives and/or even adding a fourth spanking for the lying itself.

Should Benjamin have had involvement here, I need to ascertain the specifics of what he did and act accordingly.

But- I would also permit Holt an opportunity to present me with any sort of evidence/argument for a non-CP punishment for the lying. If there end up to be four paddlings, I would probably make them on Friday and Sat  nights, seven days apart. Those would be significant spankings at ten years-old.


Both boys are obviously constipated... I'll give them both a nice double dose of senna and let them fight for the bathroom...


Is Holt daft enough to try and implicate his brother without any grounds for doing so? Surely I am going to remember if Benjamin had similar bouts of sickness.

Even if he did I consider it is now rather too late to punish him for those. The Statute of Limitations has surely come into effect by now.

As for Holt perhaps he needs to experience some French mustard with the martinet I bought the other week......


It makes no difference whether or not Benjamin taught Holt the trick of using that horrible  concoction to make himself sick, it is Holt who used it!  Thus, only Holt will be punished, assuming I do not consider drinking that stuff punishment enough!


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Editor Extraordinaire
I want to talk with both boys to determine the extent of Benjamin's involvement before deciding whether or not it merits punishment. I expect Ben will get off with an earful, but if he has in any practical way been facilitating this scheme beyond planting the idea, I may feel he deserves a good spanking.

As for Holt, I want to get to the bottom of why he's making himself sick to avoid school. If this is just about taking days off, he can expect a very sore bottom when he gets home from school today. If, however, he's avoiding school for some other reason, we need to address the reason.

Whether I punish one, both or neither boy depends on what I learn.


Y Lee Coyote

I think it must be remembered that there is a middle ground. Holt may have just heard about the process from Benjamin either overhearing it in a discussion among older boys or being told directly about it. Since boys learn much from their older brothers, it is important to know if using the stuff was recommended or not.

Also, as has been mentioned, it most important to know if Benjamin ever used it.


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