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BOTD 10/14/16 "Idle Hands Are . . ." A Pi Beta Production

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David M. Katz

A Pi Beta Production

You live in a small village community.  It is a nice and peaceful place and little police involvement is needed but there is a small police department and they have three vehicles - two regular cruisers and a Land Rover.  The Rover is usually needed if access is needed to the very rural areas near your village but usually stays parked on one of the streets near the small building the police use as a precinct office.  Most everyone in the area knows each other.  You are close to all of the members of the police force.

You have two sons:  Alex is fourteen and Aaron is thirteen. Your sons are basically good kids but do seem to find their share of mischief which you address with spanking.  Your sons have a best friend:  Justin who is thirteen.  Justin and your sons seem to be attached at the hip.  You and your spouse and Justin's parents are close friends.  When Justin finds himself in trouble his parents typically ground him or use other restrictive punishments.  Justin's parents did use spanking with him when he was younger but they feel the restrictions work best for him now.

Justin's parents have been able to go on a two week safari - their dream vacation.  Justin is staying with your family while his parents are away. Justin's parents told you to treat Justin as one of your own.  Due to the remote location of the safari, ready communication with Justin's parents is not feasible.  (They did provide you with needed medical waivers - just in case.)

JUSTIN - 13 (The Friend) AARON - 13 & ALEX - 14 (Your Sons)
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Last night the boys apparently got bored and sneaked out of the house.  They happened across the Land Rover parked in its usual spot.  Justin remembered some left over paint his father had in the garage at his house.  The boys, using Justin's key, retrieved the paint and then went to work.  Obviously the boys were not thinking about what it was they were doing.  In short time this is what the Land Rover looked like.

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The boys were caught red-handed (or is that silver-handed) by the police captain who promptly delivered the boys to your house.  Considering the boys' ages and their (so far) spotless record and because you are close to the police officers, the captain tells you no charges will be filed.  Obviously restitution will need to be made to the police department to repair and restore the Rover.  The captain then gives you a smile and says, "Anyway, I know you will handle it."

You look to the boys for an explanation and Aaron acts as spokesman and simply says, "I guess we got bored.  It seemed funny at the time."

The captain trusts you will handle this.  

How do you handle it?

This scenario is loosely based on an article that Pi Beta shared with me. (With license taken to make it BOTD friendly.) The article is here:

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

David M. Katz

The whipping (yes, I said 'whipping') of their young lives, including Justin, will be coming immediately.

The boys will then be responsible for the restitution (probably paying me back as I will be writing the check to the police department) through loss of allowance, extra (hard and dirty) chores, and, in this special case, by selling their electronics and other "toys."

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


K Club. Justin's parents have told me to treat him as if he were my own, and they didn't stop spanking him because they had reservations about CP, but because they found other punishments more effective. Since my boys are about to get whupped (not abused), it makes little sense, if Justin is living in my house, for him to receive some different (and probably longer lasting and more disruptive to his life and ours) punishment than his partners in crime.


Seems to me the The local youth of Hebden Bridge may have been of similar mindset and did the deed there .

Aaron and Alex will be getting a serious paddling. Justin can join them or he will be confined to the house and banned from using the computer for 3 days. I'm sure he will want to be treated the same and I hope 'treat the same' included him knowing whipping was an option. I hope West Yorkshires constabulary will recover there sense of humour if it WAS bored kids.

I must try to find some way to occupy them(presumably this is the school holidays

Does remind me of my Sisters assault on my Dads attache case with silver spray paint and a stencilled logo of the Tom Robinson Band


Tell the police sergeant to have fun with a nice judicial birching and all...

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Stevie Twisted Evil


Editor Extraordinaire
I'll go along with the K Club also.



I will do something pretty close to Squarecutter's approach, with minor variation:

I will at least try not to simply let the explanation that they were bored be their sole defense; I will certainly separate and individually question them regarding what the heck was going through their minds when this occurred. I would include as part of that questioning the old line of, "How would you feel if this had been done to your bike or skateboard?" I will make every effort I can to get each of them to empathize with the owner of the property they defaced. I would hope that I would be successful with that effort.

After all boys have been thoroughly questioned as described, I would tell them that Aaron and Alex will definitely be spanked. However, in view of the fact that it has been a while since Justin has gotten a spanking, I would ask him for his thoughts about his being spanked, too. A full explanation of what I mean by "spanked" would be given to Justin (pants down, the position I will use, show him the paddle, how many swats, etc. and that  I would do it with all boys witnessing the spankings of everyone.) I would hope I would get enough peer pressure that he will "volunteer" for the spanking.

It will be a lot easier to spank a cooperative 13 year-old than one who is fighting me. I believe he will want the same punishment his buddies get. By using this approach, I think it is also less likely that I will upset Justin's parents', (even though we are friends), should they have any objections when they return.


I am sure that Justin will agree to be spanked, whupped or whatever is about to happen to Alex and Aaron. As has been said he has been spanked in the past and is said to be 'joined at the hip' with your sons, so a different form of punishment seems pointless. For now he can join them bent over the edge of the bed.

Mind you, I do feel rather sorry for the lad. His parents go off on a dream safari and leave him at home! I'm slightly surprised he didn't vandalise something of theirs....


I'm going to make sure the boys understand that I consider this a very serious offense. If the Range Rover had been needed, they wouldn't have had use of it. That could have cost lives in a bad situation. I know the boys hadn't thought about this, and I know they'll be miserable after I make it (painting the body, while vandalism and more expensive, is a lesser concern to me).

Part of this depends on what day of the week it is, but I think the boys are going to each be going over my lap for a thorough dose of the brush. They'll be spending Saturday in seclusion, and each will be starting the day with a thorough session with the strop. They'll be some very sore, very sorry boys, but I'm sure they'll understand that their thoughtless, dangerous stunt earned it.

I'm not going to sale their electronics. I'll take their electronics and 'pawn' them myself. I'll show each boy how much they owe me, how much we would have gotten for their toys and stuff, and I'll let them redeem the items back over time - though there will be minimum payments required. I'm sure I can also find plenty of extra chores for them to do, and I'll probably volunteer them to the police for some 'community service.'

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."

Emlyn Morgan

Hmm. I'm going to birch the policemen, very severely. Where were they? The Land Rover was parked by the police station.


lol I like Ems reply....

I'm in agreement with y'all that Justin will be getting a paddling along with my boys.... my boys will be pawning there electronics to me and like jack I'll let them know what they would have gotten if it was a real deal... I will be paying my twos portion and they will be doing extra chores outside of what they have normally and the will have a $ amount attached to each one... they will not be able to earn back there electronics until I've been paid ..... it will be a hard lesson for them but they need to learn that just being board is a reason....

Hugs kal

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