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BOTD 10/22/16 "Falsely Accused" A DMK Production

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David M. Katz

A DMK Production

You are the principal of James Buchanan High School.  Yesterday, Mr. Katz, a very popular history teacher, paddled a ninth grade student, fourteen year old Logan Thompson.  Logan was uncharacteristically disruptive in class despite several warnings from Mr. Katz.  Logan elected to be paddled over serving detention and he was given two licks.

Now, this morning, Logan and his father are in your office.  Logan's father has some very disturbing pictures to show you.  The pictures are of Logan's severely bruised  buttocks.  You are told the condition of Logan's buttocks is from the paddling from Mr. Katz that was "both abusive and excessive beyond school policy." Mr. Thompson is very upset but is willing to give you a chance to rectify the situation.  You promise Mr. Thompson a complete investigation followed by disciplinary action and possible criminal charges against Mr. Katz if the accusations are proven.  Logan perks up at these words and says, "Wait! You mean Mr. K could be fired and might even go to jail?"  You assure Logan that this is a serious accusation that could bring about serious consequences for Mr. Katz.

Logan then starts crying and says he has something to confess.  Logan stammers and stutters but is able to admit that he and his best friend "like to play around with spanking each other." Logan says the evening before Mr. Katz paddled him that things got out of hand with the spanking play and that is why his butt was in such bad shape.  Logan says he was afraid his parents would find out that "he was weird" and so he engineered the situation knowing Mr. Katz would paddle him.  Logan says he could then say his butt's condition was because of Mr. Katz. Logan explains further, "Everyone likes Mr. K and so I figured nothing would come of it. Anyway, it was a just in case thing and I never really thought I would actually need an excuse."  Sure enough, Logan's dad caught a glimpse of his son's buttocks that night as Logan was leaving the shower. Logan also confesses that he told his father that Mr. Katz gave him six licks and not two.  

Logan insists the whole thing is his fault and pleads for you to let it go.

Logan could face serious sanctions, up to and including expulsion, for making the false report.  

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As principal, how do you deal with Logan?

BONUS:  As Logan's dad what do you do about your son's revelation?

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


Editor Extraordinaire
As principal, I think it's in the best interests of everyone to consider the matter closed. Logan spoke up in time and I have no reason to disbelieve his story. He doesn't seem to have been motivated by malice. Luckily, I didn't inform the authorities yet, which I would have needed to do in compliance with state law.

As Dad, I feel both disappointment and pride right now. I'm disappointed Logan lied to cover up something he considered embarrassing but I'm proud he didn't persist in the lie, particularly when he realized it would harm an innocent party. I can't see that further punishment would add anything to the lesson I hope he has learned. As for his activities with his friend? Those are his business.


Pi Beta

Whether Principal or Father, it seems that each of us is going to have to take c.p. as a punishment off the agenda and find other forms of punishment that he won't like.


Pi Beta wrote:Whether Principal or Father, it seems that each of us is going to have to take c.p. as a punishment off the agenda and find other forms of punishment that he won't like.

Probably, but how to explain that to other students without causing exposure and embarassement to Logan?

Tricky one, this... case of boy think.


I don't consider this officially reported. I do consider that Logan is going to have to be punished for this, however. I'll send him out to the office while his father and I discuss it, but I think he's going to do several detentions and probably helping Mr. Katz in some way. Whatever else happens, Logan and I are going to have a long discussion about the law of unintended circumstances.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."

John Boy

ditto Jack


I mostly agree with Kat adding on Jack's discussion.

David M. Katz

Principal: I agree that I am glad it did not get to the point of a formal complaint or Mr. Katz, even innocent, would have had his reputation and probably his career ruined. I am happy with Logan's confession before things got to the point of no return. However, I do agree with Jack that he needs to be punished. I propose a Saturday detention and while there he can write a report on the dangers of making a false report. CP is off of the table for Logan. The other kids won't know why - Logan can just tell them he is on the do not paddle list.

Dad: I agree with no additional punishment beyond the school's penalty. CP is also now off of the table for me too. I do want to talk to Logan for three reasons 1) the dangers of unintended consequences as Jack has pointed out 2) to let him know he is not weird or bad 3) to give him advice on safe play such as safe words and limits and with that we will discuss what consent means.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


I more or less agree with Kat & Katz. However, there isn't a 'do not paddle' list so if Logan does anything at school that merits a paddling, that I what he'll get.

It seems that he hasn't been trying to get paddled at school 'for fun' previously, so I can't see any reason why that should change now.


I agree with Kat - time to consider the matter closed.  Logan confessed just in time.  I don't think he needs to go on the "do not paddle" list at school.  He should still be treated the same as any other boy.  As for Mr. Thompson, he really does not have much of a reason to punish Logan, except possibly for the "white lie" of six licks instead of two.  Logan just said Mr. Katz paddled him and that was true.  Mr. Thompson jumped to conclusions.

Logan could come to play at my house anytime. Wink

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