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BOTD 10-27-2016 Whhops-A-Daisy - A Squarecutter Production

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A Squarecutter Production

Six year old Tommy upset his sister and was caught at it by his mom when out shopping this afternoon. She wants you to deal with it firmly.

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Will Tommy have his behind bared as well?

Can you dig it?


He's SIX. His mother should have dealt with it on the spot--which wouldn't require more than a smack or two. He likely won't even remember why he's being punished hours later, and I'm not going to play executioner. Does anyone know Em's lawyer's number?


Ditto, Kier. At six, I wouldn't have even smacked him - just explained why we shouldn't do things like that.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


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K Club for me also.



The evil, lustful, little wretch...

I'm washing my hands of the miscreant and apprenticing him to a nice chimney sweep of my acquaintance:

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Stevie:  Twisted Evil


Im with jack.....

being a mom I wouldn't even consider this a spanking offense .... like jack more talking about why we shouldn't do that....

hugs kal

David M. Katz

S8r + J + K3= my answer

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

John Boy

David M. Katz wrote:S8r + J + K3= my answer
Dit-to the - Oh


I'm also in the 'no spank' camp, which is getting unusually crowded today Smile

Pi Beta

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The reverse! Taken at a recent wedding - "Daddy, what do you wear under your kilt?"


Since Im having to play executioner and really cant be too cross I think we will have to try a little subterfuge that is after we've taled about not being a pest. I'll clap my hands half a dozen times and he can yell his head off as he does. Ten minutes later he can come down and apologize. Like the rest of you I cant take this too seriously. He'd better not laugh though

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