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BOTD 10/28/16 "A Well Laid Plan . . . Except" An 18 Smacked Production

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David M. Katz

An 18Smacked Production

When impish 12 year-old Sam saw the vending machines at the cafeteria in school being stocked, he got an idea. He decided to recruit his friend, Don, a handsome but sly 13 year-old boy who lived next door. But, when Sam was telling Don about the scheme, Don's 9 year-old pest of a brother, Max, overheard the scheme, and demanded he join them, or else he would tell their parents. Leaving them no choice, they had to agree he could join them. The following week had a half-day of school, on Wednesday; it would be the perfect time for the deed to take place! All they would need were a few simple tools, such as a couple of screwdrivers, a wrench and a hammer.

SAM - 12
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DON - 13 & MAX - 9
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Wednesday arrived and at 11 AM the school emptied out. At 20 minutes past the hour, the last bus pulled away with a noisy load of students inside. At noon, the last teacher left the building, chatting busily with the school's Principal about the upcoming Halloween dance. No one knew, or even suspected, that three boys were hiding out in the bathroom by the Gym, waiting patiently to carry out a dastardly plan. When 2 PM came, the boys figured the coast was clear to get to work. Their moms and dads were at work, and no one would suspect that they were still at school, up to evil designs.

They quietly made their way to the vending machines and tried to stick their hand up into the delivery chute. Try as they might, neither Sam nor Don were able to do anything. They looked for a screw or something that they could start to attack, but could not succeed at that either. Then, they tried having Max put his hand into the machine. He was able to touch one of the parts that was at the base of the slots holding the goodies the machine offered.

That might have been good, but by his touching the part, he completed a circuit that set off an ear-piercing alarm and simultaneously did two other things; locked the spring loaded anti-theft bar in place thereby securing Max's arm inside the machine so he could not get it out, while automatically notifying the police. A patrol car nearby was dispatched to the school, the boys were located, Max was freed from the device and all were taken into custody.

Sam said that he had been buying something but the product didn't fall down, and that his friends were just trying to help him get what he'd bought. They had no explanation for why they were in the school when it was closed, and simply hung their heads down, looking at the ground. Max claimed that the other two "made him come along" and that he did not want to do it, but they threatened to beat him up if he did not come with them.

After picking the kids up at the police station, the Juvenile Sergeant was willing to let them off with a warning, since it was their first offense. However, he sternly warned that, "The next time, he would not do that." The boys had been caught trespassing, in the midst of an "attempted burglary," "with burglary tools" and in a "conspiracy to commit trespassing and burglary." He also said that they could be charged as "juveniles at risk," and taken into custody of the state just on those charges alone. All these were very serious charges, indeed, but the question for the parents was what they should do about the boys' actions.

Well, parents?

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


It's stealing. Premeditated stealing at that. Blackmail from Max as well, if the older boys are to be believed, and I think they are.

The only thing saving any of them from a switching is their tender age--but all three are going to get the spanking of their lives. As there was police involvement, and as they got in trouble together, the three will be punished together--had it been just Don, or possibly Don and Sam, the switch would definitely be on the cards. As it is, I'll settle for a brush, but it's likely the nice police person will hear the results of it all the way at the station.


Unlike Kier, there 'tender age' isn't going to spare their tender bottoms.

This is not anything like shoplifting. While I think what the deputy listed was BS, he probably wasn't wrong. The simple fact is that this was a deliberate plot to break multiple laws while being dishonest with me (about where they'd been), and they did it for the rush, not a need.

If Sam is mine, he's getting a standard switching. If Don is mine, same for him, and Max is getting the same, but less strokes (not a lot less, since it sounds like he blackmailed them, then threw them under the bus).

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."

Pi Beta

I'm with Jack on this - only because it would take too much time to make up a birch or three! The sooner their hides get the thrashing of a lifetime, the better. They will also be under a curfew for some time allowed out only for school.

John Boy

time to "Switch" to a strong tactic.


Dittoing Jack......

And like PI they will have less freedom for awhile...

Hugs kal


I remodeled the basement just for you boys and all...

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It's really well soundproofed so no one outside will be able to hear the screaming...

Stevie Twisted Evil


Editor Extraordinaire
I'm with Kier. The punishment he proposes is adequate and anything more is overkill. I imagine the entire experience has already made an impression on them.



Kat wrote:I'm with Kier. The punishment he proposes is adequate and anything more is overkill. I imagine the entire experience has already made an impression on them.


Saves me writing my own answer.

David M. Katz

Hmmm . . . a visit to Uncle Stevie's basement is tempting. Twisted Evil  However, I will refrain.

I suggest a nice dinner instead:
Rump Roast
Cooked Goose
Hot Buns

I agree that all of the parents need to get together and act as a united front.  I will be dealing with my son(s) with a most memorable age appropriate spanking and seclusion all day on this coming Saturday.  I probably won't go with a switch but an implement like a brush or Lexan paddle does come to mind. I will suggest the same to the other parents.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


The boys were in it together, and so must us Dads. It is theft, dishonesty and everything else. I think Max' s story will break down and he will be one very sore little boy after he feels his older brothers (bigger) paddle applied with age appropriate force on his rump. He should be very unhappy after his efforts at extortion and lying to save himself at the expense of his brothers.
Don and Sam can pick switches together and receive the same number of licks each. All punishment delivered school style in front of each other


Let's all us fathers get together with our boys at my house for a very memorable group spanking party. We can take turns delivering our lectures about how disappointed we all are and how very lucky our boys are not to be locked up in a juvenile detention facility. Then my boy will shed all his clothes and drape himself over my knee for a long session with the lexan paddle until I've heard all the right sobs, promises, and words of contrition. Other fathers can then take care of their own boys, being careful not to give them a lighter touch than any of the others. Then I will send my boy off to the hole (his bedroom) and he doesn't come out until Monday morning.

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