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BOTD 11-01-2016 Laid Back or Laid Over? An Ivor Production

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Laid Back or Laid Over?
An Ivor Production

Your 14 year old son Jayden's grades started slipping last semester and you have recently been advised by his school that there has been no improvement - if anything a further slippage, particularly with regard to his homework which is nearly always shoddy or late

You have tried various things to improve the situation, but none of them has worked. Jayden has been spanked but rarely and not in the last few months

Tonight over dinner you ask him if he has any homework. He confirms that he has so you tell him to go upstairs once dinner is over and that he need not even bother with clearing the table and loading the dishwasher which is one of his chores but to just get on with the homework.

You go upstairs about 45 minute later, look in his room and see:

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There is no evidence that any work has been done.

Is that chair going to be put to another use?

And are those snazzy shorts coming down?

Can you dig it?


I think Jayden and I need to do a complete overhaul of his current situation. At 14, he could be growing and simply not getting enough sleep. I also want to talk to someone to be sure he's actually understanding the work and simply not doing it.

I have no idea in general with the idea of corporal punishment for someone who is not doing (as opposed to not understanding) school work, but I think we need to set some new ground rules before jumping right into it.

On the other hand, since I did his chores for him, and he came up here and didn't do what he was told to do, a short hand spanking might be appropriate Smile

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


Ditto Jack


I fully agree with both replies. Jack wisely points out the need to establish clear ground rules on consequences for not following the rules over homework/studying. (Indeed, does my son even know how to study? Maybe there are things that we must discuss in detail, and he can fully benefit from my own experiences as a student.) But, when the rules and guidelines are established, only then can and should they be enforced.

As for my doing the chores for him, let’s see how willing he is to acknowledge his lapse, and how quickly he proposes to amend this. I may let it go, if (and only if) he is fully and quickly repentant!


Editor Extraordinaire
As tempting as it would be to lay into him, I think it's better to follow Jack's approach on this.



Yup ditto jack......

Hugs kal


Jayden seems to be having an interesting dream and all...


Time for a long chat/ Is he following the work. Is he depressed. is he on drugs. I will also scruinise his computer activity. Much as I would like to put a rocket up his backside Im not sure what Im dealing with here but I do want him to talk. I might ask for school counselling. Got to ask, have the school not imposed sanctions rather than just bad grades, Is he in danger of repeating a grade.. UIf he is just chiiling I will be detatching from his music and setting him to work

David M. Katz

I will support Jack as well.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

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