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BOTD 11-02-2016 The Bloodhound Encounter - A Pi Beta Production

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This BOTD scenario is adapted from Pi Beta's story at MMSA:

A Pi Beta Production

This is your fourteen year old son's, Richard's, devoted bloodhound Bella.  Richard dotes on Bella.  One of his tasks before leaving for school for the day is to make sure Bella is secured in the back yard behind a gate.  

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On this particular morning Richard has a test in his first class of the day.  You have been reminding Richard to prepare and study for the test but your warnings seemed to fall on deaf ears and so you told Richard, should he not get a passing grade on the test, that he would be punished. You and your spouse have left for the day but, on your way out, you noted that Bella was already secured.  

Richard never prepared for the test and, fearing your wrath when he presented a failing grade, Richard concocted a plan to buy himself some more time. Bella's gate is secured with a sliding peg.  Richard fashioned some similar pegs out of ice and left them in the freezer. (It was the freezer in the garage that neither you nor your spouse use that frequently.) Richard then used an ice peg to secure the gate timing things so as when the ice melted Bella could free herself.  Why would Richard do this? (Also one wonders if he had spent all of this time studying instead of plotting could he not have passed the test.)

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Richard knew exactly where Bella would go.  Indeed, the ice melted and Bella ran free and, using her bloodhound senses, found Richard just as the test papers were being distributed.  Bella burst in to the classroom and happily jumped on Richard loudly braying with excitement.  Of course there was little choice but to have Richard escort his dog back home.  Conveniently, Richard had missed the test. When asked about the test, Richard was able to truthfully tell you about Bella escaping, him having to bring her home, and how the test would need to be rescheduled for him.  You knew the gate was secured but did ask Richard how it was Bella escaped.

Richard responded, "I dunno, I guess she just figured it out."

The next day you happen to need something from the freezer and find the unused ice pegs.  When you ask Richard about the find the true story finally comes out.

How do you respond?

Can you dig it?


While I'm impressed with his resourcefulness, Bella could have been hit by a car en route, alone, to school. Richard was encouraged, reminded, and finally warned to prepare for the test. Had he spent a fraction of the time needed to concoct and execute his scheme to postpone it, he'd have surely aced the exam.

I'm not sure a spanking is going to teach the needed lesson. Once I've read him the riot act, including the possibility of harm to his beloved pet, he's likely to already be an emotional wreck. He'll be on a homework folder with close supervision for the foreseeable future, and should there be a repeated attempt to trick me rather than doing as told/needed, he'll be made aware that he will be sleeping on his tummy.


Next day, send Bella to the boarding kennel for a week...

Then, when Richard returns from school, tell him that you've had Bella put down because she's interfering with his school work.

Let him sweat it out until you bring the dog back and all...

Stevie Twisted Evil


Editor Extraordinaire
I agree with Kier. I'm also not sure that threatening punishment for not passing a test is a good idea.


David M. Katz

Kat wrote:I agree with Kier. I'm also not sure that threatening punishment for not passing a test is a good idea.


Agreed! Very Happy

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


Too clever by half. Problem being, studying for a test probably doesn't involve a tangible piece of homework. I will be readin the riot act and ensuring Richards school know what he did and Richard will be under scrutiny like never before. And woe betide if he does fail this test or miss another assignment this term


David M. Katz wrote:
Kat wrote:I agree with Kier. I'm also not sure that threatening punishment for not passing a test is a good idea.


Agreed! Very Happy


If I think Richard wasn't doing homework beforehand, I should have held him accountable for that. If I felt he needed to study, I should have made time to sit down with him and do it.

Part of me wants to wear him out, tell him he's been punished for failing the test, since he obviously expected to, and now he's free to do his best. Part of me wants to apologize to him for putting him under that kind of pressure, then help him prepare to make up the test. I think I'll tell him both of those things and see where we go from there.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


I'm half inclined to agree with Stevie on this one affraid

It isn't the dog' fault, but there needs to be something significant to bring home to Richard both what could have happened by letting the dog go free and for his wasting his time concocting the plan when he could and should have been studying.

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