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BOTD 11-03-2016 Early Graduation? A Zac Inspired Production

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A Zac Inspired Production

You have three sons.  Your oldest two are now successful adults and have flown the nest.  The other, eleven year old Caleb, (who was a definite surprise for both you and his mother) is, of course, still at home.

Craig - 26 and Curtis - 24 (Your Adult Sons)
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Caleb - 11
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You spank Caleb as needed and you also spanked Craig and Curtis when they needed it.  Your way of doing things, which worked very well for your older boys, was to spank by hand on the bare until the thirteenth birthday - it would have been 12 but that still seemed enough for Craig.  Once the boy turned thirteen then he was graduated to your belt on the bare. You rarely had to spank Craig and Curtis because they were both well behaved and obedient boys. Even though rare, spankings did happen and you followed your set procedure with both boys.

What Craig and Curtis lacked in defiance, disobedience and outright rebellion Caleb more than makes up for. Caleb is not necessarily a bad kid he just seems to find ways to get in trouble and then he cops an attitude about it when confronted.

Today, Caleb was brought home to you by the police when they found him playing around in the local railway yard. (No charges are being levied.) You have repeatedly told Caleb that this area was off limits to him as it was a matter of safety. In fact, you gave Caleb a spanking just three weeks ago for the exact same thing.  You try to talk to Caleb about the issue (again) and he starts getting mouthy and argumentative and says your rules are "stupid." You are at your wit's end with your youngest son. As his briefs come down for his current spanking you have to check your hands drifting towards your belt. Your hand doesn't seem as effective as it was with his elder brothers and it is a long time until Caleb is thirteen.

Is it time for an early graduation to the belt?

Can you dig it?


I'd say not the belt but I think now would be the time to introduce the back of a hairbrush to his little bottom.....use my hand but adding hairbrush swats at the end

Hugs kal

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John Boy

kalico wrote:I'd say not the belt but I think now would be the time to introduce the back of a hairbrush to his little bottom.....use my hand but adding hairbrush sways at the end

Hugs kal
Sounds like a good plan


John Boy wrote:Sounds like a good plan

For me too. Though, if he doesn't accept the rules it will be hard to get through him by a spanking.


I think my compromise might involve a gymshoe/plimsoll. It would add greater sting but It wold avert Caleb being inured to the belt before his teen years even start. A spatula or spoon perhaps


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In my opinion, a hairbrush is worse than a belt, but I suppose that severity depends more on how someone wields an implement than its inherent qualities. Maybe the question I should be asking myself is not whether I should move on to an implement but whether spanking is the best way of dealing with Caleb. It sounds as if spanking only hardens his resolve to be difficult. I think it may be time to let him sit in his room, free from the distraction of electronic devices, and think about his behavior. In any case, I don't intend to engage with a mouthy kid. At the very least, we'll postpone further discussion until he can keep a civil tongue in his head.



Sounds like a perfect opportunity to administer a double dose of Dulcolax suppositories and all...


David M. Katz

Obviously spankings as we do them now are not working. I like Kat's approach of essentially an enhanced time out. When Caleb decides he can be civil then we will discuss punishment. If it is to be a spanking then, like others have suggested, I will do a mid-level upgrade - maybe a spoon.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


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What sort of relationship does he have with his older brothers? I'm wondering if they, being somewhat nearer his age, might be able to talk some sense into him.

For now though I think it is probably time for an upgrade to either slipper or brush.


The scenario doesn't really tell us if spankings are normally pretty effective for him. Is this a case where spankings don't work at all, or is there just something about the railyard that makes it especially enticing?

Like Kat, I think it's not time to spank. I'll send him to his room, removing any distractions, and tell him that, when he's ready to discuss things reasonably, instead of being insulting, then we can talk.

When he's ready to talk, I'm going to make him explain why those rules are there. If he still doesn't understand, we can look up questions online. The problem is that he (unlike everyone else in the world) is invulnerable and wouldn't be hurt, which makes it hard for him to understand the need for the rules. Once we've talked everything out, I'll introduce him to his new paddle.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


You could have him read this story:  

The Self-Acting Minder - Trials and Tribulations

Stevie Twisted Evil ...

Y Lee Coyote

Changing the method of spanking in this case would just be to increase the level of violence and would be non-productive.  I think the problem is that he is feeling his oats (or testosterone) and has a great need to prove himself a man which is not tempered by intellect.

Some cultures actually had provisions for this in a solo week or two in the wilderness.  Of course, some boys did not return but they, by definition, were unfit in the Darwinian sense.

Perhaps I can find a survival camp that provides such adventures that he can resolve his problems with society.

The first two hits on Google <<survival camp boys OR youth>>
show what I mean.


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