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BOTD 11/4/16 "Urine Trouble" A Stevie Production

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David M. Katz


Urine Trouble?
A Stevie Production

You are a single father (your wife died some years ago) and have one son, Randolph, age 8:

RANDY, 8 Years old

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Your income is moderate, and you live in Toronto, where the cost of housing is very high; consequently, you have a small apartment in a very large high - rise complex - the building is thirty - three stories tall...

There is a laundry room on every third floor - and lately the tenants at the one closest to you have been complaining of an unpleasant smell in the appliances...

One afternoon the building superintendent calls you into his office... when you arrive he shows you a film taken by the security cameras in the laundry room (a picture from the tape is appended for your edification).

The Scene of the crime - 27th floor laundry Room

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There is a clear shot of his face as the boy enters the room leaving no doubt whatever that it is your son Randy.

The superintendent dings you $250 for cleaning and servicing the dryers... then inquires exactly what you are going to do to prevent a recurrence of the problem... this behaviour is certainly enough to get you evicted if it continues, of course.

When you confront Randy, he tells you that that he is not the only boy using the laundry room in this manner - and that he just couldn't hold  it any longer.

What shall you do?

(Spanking an eight year old is legal in Canada as long as no implements are involved)

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

John Boy

We are going to be having a very looong talk about this, with video evidence. Then more then likely we will have a "talk" too and he will get some chores to "pay" me back for the fine.


I think this is a talking matter, not a spanking one. We'll talk about appropriate places to relieve oneself, and the reason why a clothes dryer, especially a community one, isn't one of them. And about how unless he wants to live on the streets with winter coming, how he'd best cease and desist immediately.


I think at 8 my son should know better than to pee in the washing machine and that he should have the self control to make 3 flights if he needs to. If not I want to know if he is having problems beyond the normal in this department. I will be spanking if it happens again. If he get caught short again its better he go in his pants.

Y Lee Coyote

Sorry, laddie but I don't buy it.  You surely know better than to pee into a dryer.  There are many other options available -- waste receptacles and the drain behind the washing machines in that very same place.  Of course, you do know where you suppose to pee now that you are a "big boy in the second grade".  And you were alone so why did you wait so long?

Sound like a medical check may be required in addition to a spanking and additional chores to 'pay' for the willful damage.  Also, I would press the superintendent about checking for other perps.

It strikes me as a somewhat retarded behavior but maybe it just emulating someone at a prestigious collage.



I'm with Y Lee.....

Hugs kal


Editor Extraordinaire
I agree with Kier. If other boys have been doing this also, it may be that Randolph just didn't think it through. I know lots of people who are much older than 8 who've relieved themselves in inappropriate places because they didn't think things through. I think once he appreciates the consequences, we won't have a repeat.



What we don't know is whether this is the first time he has done this nor where the floor which houses the laundry facilities is relation to your apartment.

And why the 'I couldn't hold it any longer excuse'? Was he walking up 33 flights?

Finally Randy, why pick the dryer? You could at least have used the washing machine like I did last month.......

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