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BOTD 11-09-2016 Tech Support - A Mahoover Production

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A mahoover Production

Your son David (17) has always enjoyed science and math.  When he was in middle school you got him a computer and he taught himself to use it.  He is now in high school, and has been taking online programing classes in addition to the class offered by the school.  He is good enough with computers that the teachers come to him for help. Smile

While he gets along well with adults, he has always had problems with others his age.  Through most of his school career, he has been picked on.  It has never quite risen to the level of bullying, but it has come close.  He isn't athletic, and the "jocks" have always given him the most grief.

David - 17
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Today he comes to you and tells you that he has to confess something.  Last quarter, one of the football players was having problems in biology, and the player made a deal with David.  If David would change his biology grade from a C to a B, the player would make sure that no one picked on David anymore.  David was able to break into the school grade database and change the grade.  This quarter the player is back and wants David to change his grade again, as well as four other player's grades.  The player says that he will turn in David if he doesn't change all five grades.

David has come to you, what do you do next?

Can you dig it?


I'm going to go with David to speak to the administration. While David isn't blameless, if the administration did THEIR jobs, students wouldn't be put in a position of NEEDING to "buy protection". Unfortunately, actions have consequences. From my reading of the scenario, the jock basically bullied David into changing the grade and is now blackmailing him if he doesn't continue this fraud. David and his jock bullies will all have to face the music. And David may be in for even worse actual bullying once the jocks have been turned in, though I'm going to be quite vocal with the administrators that if they can't keep my son safe, perhaps the police can.

I don't see this as a situation where a spanking is going to help.


I think it is time and overtime for David to leave his high school and take the GED then enter Collage early!!



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I'm pulling David from this school for his own protection. I'll consult an attorney about the potential fallout if I go to the school administration with this. I don't want to expose David to legal action.


David M. Katz

I do agree with Kier that David must come clean to the administration but I am not sure things will work out for him to stay in that school. He most likely will be expelled anyway.

Icono makes a good point - get the GED and enroll in college BUT how would this look on David's transcript.

I think the better idea is to move David to a private school and hopefully he can show an improved record.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


I'd agree that if it is possible to remove him from that school then that is the thing to do.

Unfortunately it often appears that schools consider the bullied to be as guilty as the bully.


Sometimes the brightest people can be the stupidest. David has been duped and now must go to the administration and take the consequences. I fear Iconos answer may well be where the chips fall but at least he will take his blackmailer with him and probably end a sporting career, such as it was with it. As for David if he is a whiz wit IT I am sure in the long term he make a good career out of it. It would of course help if expulsion were left off his record and I will be helping to persuade the school that the real bad guys are the blackmailers and bullies. I will not be paddling David but if a sore behind, even idf not terribly useful, is the price for him graduating high school I will not stand in their way especially if the bad guys get thrown out. I suspect any that remain will keep their heads down


I am going to take a slightly different path from everyone else.

In today's schools system with zero tolerance, I think it would cause David more harm then help to go to the school administrators. Instead I will contact the other student's dad and talk with him. I will point out that both boys will lose a lot if this comes before the school administration, and the dads should deal with it. As long as the other boy doesn't start actively harming David, and David doesn't get into trouble at school, I will let both boys mistakes go.

I agree that spanking will not help David, instead he should loose the use of his computers for misusing them. Other than school work (including his online classes) no computer use for two weeks.

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