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BOTD 11-10-2016 A Close Shave - A Leti Production

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Bransom Postmaster
A Leti Production

Your twelve year-old son, Remington, is typically a well behaved boy.  He is also maturing a bit and has developed some "peach fuzz" in his beard and mustache areas.  The hair above his lip is turning a bit dark. Remmy overhears some of the girls at school talking about his facial hair and they were laughing.  Remmy assumed the girls were making fun of him but, in fact, the girls liked his facial hair.

Remmy comes home from school and no one is home yet.  Your son decides he has to do something about his facial hair and so he sneaks in to your bathroom and finds your electric shaver.  Remmy does not realize he doesn't need to use any shave cream with the electric and so he also lathers his face up with some of your spouse's shave cream and sets to work.  The shaver does not respond well to the cream and stops working.  Remmy has broken your shaver.  Remmy is not supposed to be in your bathroom nor is he supposed to use something of yours without permission. The boy gets scared and hides the shaver in his closet and then uses his bathroom to clean his face.

You suspect nothing until the next morning when you are trying to get ready for your day.  You realize your shaver is missing.  You don't have time to look for it and so you break out the blade and foam and go on about your day. That evening at dinner you mention your missing shaver and ask if anyone has seen it.  Remington is very vocal about his innocence and promises he knows nothing. Remington is a bit too vocal - something you find uncharacteristic of your son. You leave the subject alone until after dinner.

You visit Remmy in his room and he is working on his homework.  You ask if you two can talk.  You tell Remmy you suspect he knows something about your shaver and tell him why.  The boy sighs and fishes your broken shaver out of his closet and hands it to you and then explains what happened.  Remmy is subject to spanking and fears this is something that will earn him a sore backside.  Remmy tearfully asks you not to spank him.

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How do you respond to this?

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Can you dig it?

David M. Katz

I won't spank him.  I will make sure the shaver is indeed toast.  If not, that is good.  If it is then Remmy and I will work out some sort of repayment arrangement (probably at some token value) to replace it.  Remmy can offer up allowance cuts and extra chores to pay off his debt. I don't see the boy's actions as malicious; it was just misplaced thinking.

Remmy and I are then going to have our first shaving lesson and I will help him defuzz his face.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


When Stevie was nearly twelve his father told him in no uncertain terms to, ahem, "get that bloody bum fluff off your lip before you go out in public with me" and all...

No lessons were provided... and Stevie cut himself in a very obvious and embarrassing spot right beneath his nose...

Remington and I shall discuss a mutually satisfactory method of replacing the razor... and I will also tell him I'm a little hurt that he felt he couldn't discuss the problem face to face, so to speak...


Y Lee Coyote

My little baby is becoming a man.  WOW!  So this is one of those wonder times for a special father/son experience.  I’m NOT going to let anything get in the way of that so it’s shaving lesson time for us both to relish.

I seriously doubt that the shaver is damaged.  Some are even made for wet and/or dry use.  All are made to collect little bits of stuff in the head assembly which are made to be easily cleaned.  They also are made so that the motor enclosure is resistant to incursions even of water since they are used in wet areas.

Some extra chores or similar in a day or two is probably appropriates for his misconduct.  I suspected that he has been so worried effectively punishing himself.



I'm in David and Y Lee (and Stevie's) camp in this one. Wouldn't have happened in my house--my electric, which I hardly ever use preferring a blade by far, is a wet/dry. I don't think any punishment is needed.


I agree that spanking is not indicated here, although some shaving lessons certainly are in order. And, YLee’s thoughts about extra chores may be a good idea to take care of any possible damage to the razor.

But, I think it is critical for me to take Remmy out for a walk and a talk (in a nice, quiet place) so I can point out that I was disappointed that he was not comfortable to come to his father when he was bothered by the fuzz on his face. He could- and should - have been able to tell me that, and we could- and we would- have had a discussion on how best to handle the fuzz, and had some shaving lessons and even a possible trip to the store to get his own razor. But, that Remmy did not feel sufficiently comfortable to come to me about this might indicate a rift in the relationship that is bigger than shaving.

I have to do some serious work with Remmy, and, indeed, with all my kids, to insure that we have a solid relationship wherein the kids know that, no matter what, they can rely on Dad to understand and support them with any issue that they may have. I have to hope that this is not the bellwether of a more serious problem in our relationship, and work to create a relationship of mutual trust and understanding.

David M. Katz

18Smacked wrote: But, that Remmy did not feel sufficiently comfortable to come to me about this might indicate a rift in the relationship that is bigger than shaving.

This is a great point!

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


Editor Extraordinaire
I join the consensus on this one.



I'm going against the grain here.

I am going to give Remmy a chance to explain why he thought it was okay to go into my room and use my stuff, and then NOT expect a spanking. I will assure him that I'm not worried about the razor at all. It's that he snuck around, breaking rules, taking other people's stuff, and then lying about it. I don't think a spanking has to occur here, but I want to know why all this happened, rather than him just asking me.

In RL, this wouldn't be a problem. I have always taught the boys to shave when they get old enough to start expecting peach fuzz. I also use a Mach III most of the time (though I have a straight razor, mostly to justify my razor strop). Of course, we do have clippers, but those are more for the hair trims I give, so I hope a boy wouldn't grab that for his lip.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


All boys watch their Dads shave. It is to them what make up is to girls. Its a sign of the impending adulthood they are all too keen to reach and a form of flattery. As much as it disappoints me that Remmy couldnt come clean I cant think I want to spank him. He hasn't actually endangered himself beyond a nick or two and the razer is replaceable and probably OUT OF HIS ALLOWANCE which is where I think I will go for a consequence.I think for now Remmy would find it easiest to get rid of the peach fuzz with safety razors and foam. At this stage once a fortnight or so would be enough

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