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BOTD 11-17-2016 Do You Hear What I Hear? - A DMK Production

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A DMK Production

These are your sons, fourteen year-old Kyle and ten year-old Zack.
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The brothers get along well but are competitive and they do have their own separate rooms.

Today Kyle earned a well-deserved spanking.  You had Kyle in the privacy of his own room with the door shut while you were giving the spanking.  You have finished the spanking and are helping Kyle compose himself when you hear giggling outside the door. You thought you heard something during the spanking but the sound of the paddle licks and the sound of Kyle's crying drowned it out.

You open the door and Zack literally falls in to the room.  He had obviously been listening at the door and was giggling at his brother's spanking.

Will you be giving another spanking today?

Can you dig it?


Bransom Postmaster
As much a I would like to give a second spanking I think I will let this be between the brothers

Can you dig it?


Yes, I will. In Kyle's room, so he can watch his bratty little brother get what's coming to him.

David M. Katz

I think I am going to let Kyle decide this one. I wonder what kind of mood he's in? Twisted Evil

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


"You open the door and Zack literally falls in to the room. He had obviously been listening at the door and was giggling at his brother's spanking."

A closed door clearly signifies that privacy was both expected and requested. It would be one thing to sit in his room next door and overhear what was happening, but this was egregious snooping, and cannot be tolerated.

Yes, I will indeed give another spanking, and I do agree with AFinch that Kyle gets to witness his younger brother's spanking.


Can't add anymore to 18smacked's answer so DITTO!

Hugs kal


Editor Extraordinaire
As tempting as it is to leave the little brat to his older brother's justice, I'm going to join in with those who say to spank him.



I'm also on the side of the spankers.

Leaving Kyle to deliver his own justice would seem to me to be adding unnecessary fuel to the fire that seemingly already exists between them


Schadenfreude. I'm going to ask Brian how he'd feel about Kyle doing this to him and also whether he thought spankings were a big laugh, as big a laugh when he got them. I daresay Kyle would at this moment like to get his hands on his brother but given the sizes of them I dont that would be good parenting. I think I will take Brian to another room give him a dose of what Kyle had. Up to Kyle if he wants to keep his door open and get the sound effects


I'd say that at least 40% of the spankings I got as a child were due to this exact same scenario....


Given how I spank, and how I help a boy 'compose himself', I'm going to assume Kyle at least has his boxers in place now.

I'll invite Zack in.

"If I'd known how funny you thought spankings were, Zack, I would have started with you, but let's get you ready."

While undressing Zack, I'll carry on a conversation with Kyle, reminiscing about the different implements I've used on him - hand, spatula, brush, and now paddle.

I'm sure, with his brother watching him be undressed, and talk about advanced implements, Zack is going to be in a pretty bad state by the time he's ready. He'll be apologizing and swearing he didn't mean anything. At that point, after starting to put him over my lap, I'll stop and ask him if he thinks it's going to be funny for Kyle to watch him get spanked. Then I'll ask if he thinks he owes Kyle an apology. Then I'll ask Kyle what he thinks I should do.

Kyle is getting a lot of input into this, both to teach Zack a lesson, and to keep Kyle from carrying a grudge, but I'm hoping Zack won't get more than a smack or two, then some time in his room.

Afterwards, maybe I'll get the boys to come bake some cookies with me or something, so we can spend some time together without letting the bad feelings sink too deep.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."

Pi Beta

I rather like Jack's approach, though my initial thought was that I wouldn't spank but would promise that next time he earned a spanking, I would invite his big brother in to watch it.

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