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2016 Advent Calendar - 1 December

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1 2016 Advent Calendar - 1 December on Wed Nov 30, 2016 4:59 pm


      1 December 2015    

Click HERE to open your 1 December Advent Surprise:

Introducing the Owens
By Jack

I slid around the corner and had to stop for a moment.  Our house was the only one on the block with Christmas decorations up.  It was a lot earlier than I was used to, and Mom had been a bit surprised at the idea, but we did it over the Thanksgiving holidays while Chuck's older kids were home from college.

Mom usually just did the tree, a string of lights around the front door, and some decorations in our bedroom windows.  With Chuck guiding (aka - prodding) us, there were strings of lights around the eaves and many of the windows, icicle lights coming off the porch roof and a couple of other places, the trees outside were strung, and there were decals and statues in the windows.  Heck, even the garage had lights.

It looked nice.  Bright, but nice.

It had been raining most of the day, but it had finally stopped after dinner.  I'd asked Mom if I could go out for a while.  She said yes.  Chuck stopped and asked if I had finished my homework and chores.  I had, so he agreed I could go.

Mom and Chuck had been married for nearly six months now.  They'd known each other longer than that, but they'd waited until school was over to get married.  Mom had known Chuck for over a year actually, and I'd met his kids last Christmas, but that was before they'd decided to get married.

I walked my bike up to the house, taking a minute to appreciate the decorations.  Yeah, they were really pretty, but they also represented a lot of work and a good time with my new brothers.

I went around to the side entrance of the garage, taking my bike inside and locking the door behind me.  I put the bike into the rack, then went inside, pausing to hang my jacket and take off my shoes before going in.

Chris' door was open when I walked towards down the short hall, so I stuck my head in.  Chris was at his desk, in just boxers and a t-shirt.  His computer was on, but maybe just for music.  It wasn't real loud (Chuck didn't let us play our music real loud, and Chris followed that rule, even though his bedroom was on the opposite side of the house from the rest of ours), but I could hear it was some of that country stuff Chris liked.

"Whatcha doin'?" I asked from the doorway.

"Hey, Small Fry," he replied, looking up.  It should have ticked me off, but I knew he called me that because me and his oldest brother were both named Mike.

After a second, he cleared his throat.

"Trying to get this darned Pichu happy enough to evolve," he finally admitted.

I smiled at him.  "Have you been using Poke Refresh?"

He rolled his eyes at me (I'd heard Chuck complaining about it often enough, I knew he was a master at it).

"Yes, I'm using Poke Refresh.... Well," he admitted after a second, "I'm using it now.  Did you get yours to evolve already?"

"Yeah, but Refresh is a lot like what they have in XY."

"I only played this one cause y'all got it.  Is XY worth playing?"

"I kinda think it's better."

He invited me in and I sat on the side of his bed.  We talked a few minutes, but Chuck didn't let us have a lot of screen time every day and I wanted to use what I had.

Besides, I had a decision to make.

I bid Chris good night and took off.

Mom was in the living room, reading.

"Hi, honey," she said, looking up as I came in from the garage.  "How was your ride?"

"Great, thanks.  I guess I just needed some fresh air after all this rain."

"Mmm..." she agreed.  "Too bad it's still supposed to rain tomorrow."

I just groaned.

"What you reading," I asked after a quiet moment.

She held the book up to show the cover to At the Sign of Triumph, the new David Weber novel. We'd both been reading him for a while now, so she bought the books, but I got to read them first since I had more reading time than her (and had done a book report on it).

"You going to play more Digimon?"


She smiled.  "Gotcha!  I mean Pokemon."

"Yeah, try to finish the challenge before bedtime maybe."

"I'll see you in a bit then."

I shrugged a bit.  I felt like I was too old to tuck in, but the little guys still liked it, so she always stuck her head in to say goodnight to me as well.

"Okay," I agreed.

I'd already noticed Chuck wasn't around.  As I headed towards the stairs, I noticed the hallway with the master bedroom and the two small rooms where his older kids stayed when they were home was totally dark.  Since his car was here, that made me a bit nervous, and my stomach was flip flopping as I climbed the stairs.

Before I even got to the top, my stomach unclenched a bit.

I mean, not that I was happy to see Ben, my baby brother, standing in the hall, jeans and briefs below his knees, nose to the wall, crying.  His very red butt gave ample evidence as to why he was crying.

I walked up behind him quietly, then gently ran my hand over his sore butt.  He gasped softly and looked up at me. Tears were still running down his face, so I didn't bother asking the obvious question.  Instead, I just gently ran my hand up and down his soft, hot cheeks.  Ben leaned back against me, resting his head against my shoulder.  

Even when he leaned back, he still held his shirt up under his arms, like Chuck had taught us.  I couldn't help looking down his body, past his firm but slightly rounded belly.  At ten, he wasn't near adolescence yet, and his cute little peter hung limp.  

Mine wasn't, though.

I actually felt pretty bad.  Standing this close to their door, I could even hear Jason crying as that paddle came down again and again.  I'd been in the same place.  The paddle I got was bigger than the wooden spatula they got, but I knew Chuck was a darned good spanker, and I knew how bad it hurt, but it didn't keep me from getting hard.

"Put your nose back against the wall," I told him quietly.  "You don't want to get in more trouble."

He did, and I walked over to the bathroom.  

I paused for a moment.  Thirteen and barely pubescent is a rough time to be feeling guilty and horny at the same time.  I took a deep breath, reached down my boxers to straighten things out, then splashed cold water on my face.  After a minute, tension seemed to ease, so I started to brush my teeth.

A second later, a mostly recovered Ben and a still crying Jason stumbled into the bathroom with me, clothes still below their knees.  Looming right behind them was my relatively new stepfather.

"How was your ride, Mike?"

I held up a finger, spat, then rinsed.

"It was okay," I mumbled.

"Any plans for this evening?"

The brush was moving back towards my mouth, but it paused.  

"I haven't used any screen time today.  I was planning to Pokey."

He nodded.  "Great.  Could I talk to you downstairs before you get started?"

My asshole puckered, but I nodded at him, holding up the brush.

"In just a minute?"

He nodded again.  "That's fine.  You two might as well get your baths now."

He waited for them to acknowledge him, then he took off.

My little brothers had been blowing their nose, and now I stepped back so they could splash water on their faces.  I finished brushing, then spat again, when they finally stepped back to take the rest of their clothes off.

"Why'd you guys get in trouble?" I finally asked.

If their faces hadn't already been so flushed, I'm pretty sure they would have blushed.  As it was, they looked at each other, then towards the floor.

"Chores," Jason finally explained.

"Chuck spanked you for not doing chores?"

He wouldn't meet my eyes at all then, and Ben finally mumbled, "We kinda lied about doing them."


Chuck seemed like he'd always work with you, but if you lied to him about something, work time was over, and sore butt time was here.

I just shook my head, then went down to talk to him, prepared to take my own medicine.

I walked down the stairs, trying to tell myself he'd be in my bedroom if I was in trouble.  The thing was, even after six months of living together, we still surprised each other from time to time, and my guilty conscience was making me regret the extra serving of rigatoni I'd had at dinner.  

I stepped into the living room, and Chuck and Mom both looked up at me.

"C'mere, Mike," Chuck said, pointing at the footstool that rested between his and Mom's chairs.  

I slowly made my way over to him, trying not to feel like I was walking the last mile.

"Where are your brothers?"

"Getting in the shower," I answered.

"Good.  Your mom and I decided to get each of them a big Lego set this year, but we have no idea what they'd like best.  Do you have any ideas?"

Hopefully neither of them noticed how relieved I was at the question.  

Chuck signed into his tablet for me and I went to Amazon, showing them what the little guys liked best and giving them a couple of recommendations at different price ranges.

"Great.  I guess you're too old for Legos, though, huh?"

I laughed, but then I showed him the Lego Mindstorm Core set that I really wanted.  He laughed and promised it would be the only thing I got if I did get it, so I showed him the U.S. Capitol Building, which seemed like it would be pretty cool and something to keep me busy when winter weather kept us cooped up inside.

Back upstairs, I stripped down to my shorts and started to stretch out, but then I stopped.  I walked over to my backpack and pulled the note.  I should have already shown it to Mom, but I was sure she'd just give it to Chuck.  They agreed (and we agreed with them) that Chuck should handle us once they got married.  I still think it was a good idea...  At least when I was not in trouble.  But here I was with a note telling my parents I had to either take two swats or one day ISS for being disruptive in class today, which needed to be signed and returned in the morning.  It wouldn't be so bad if Mr. Blankenship didn't live just a few houses down from us.  I didn't mind the swats, and I hated the idea of ISS, but I knew how serious Chuck was about disrupting class, and I really hated the idea of him whooping me.  And now that the little guys had already got it, and with them right there, knowing they could hear him bust my butt....

I put the permission slip on my desk, picked up my pen, made a couple of practice tries, then signed the paper.

With his name already signed, there was no way I could change my mind.  I tucked the slip into my backpack and went to spend some serious time catching Pokemon.

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"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."

2 Re: 2016 Advent Calendar - 1 December on Wed Nov 30, 2016 9:57 pm


Oh that was such a nice surprise to see....
I love it .... Shocked signing dad's signature is not a great idea kiddo.....

Thanks for sharing
Hugs kal

3 Re: 2016 Advent Calendar - 1 December on Thu Dec 01, 2016 2:34 am


Very nice! Very well described start to a serial and it completely hooked me. I want to know what happens next.

The author is of course Jack. There's the general style, but the David Weber novel is a giveaway. He's a big fan.

4 Re: 2016 Advent Calendar - 1 December on Thu Dec 01, 2016 6:06 am


db105 wrote:The author is of course Jack. There's the general style, but the David Weber novel is a giveaway. He's a big fan.


I was in a rush to get all this together, and I guess I omitted that little fact...

Thanks for clarifying, DB.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."

5 Re: 2016 Advent Calendar - 1 December on Thu Dec 01, 2016 8:15 am


Loved the story--look forward to the next.

6 Re: 2016 Advent Calendar - 1 December on Thu Dec 01, 2016 10:33 am


OH OH a cliffhanger!

7 Re: 2016 Advent Calendar - 1 December on Thu Dec 01, 2016 3:36 pm

David M. Katz

Excellent start!

Looking forward to the rest.

santa rendeer

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

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