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BOTD 12-01-2016 Drumming it Home - AN Ivor Production

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Drumming it Home
An Ivor Production

Your 10 year old son Zac wanted a drum kit for his birthday a couple of months ago. You refused to buy him one as neither you or your spouse fancied living with the noise that you felt sure was likely to occur as a result.

Now you come home to be greeted by this:

Is Father Christmas going to be bringing the proper kit for Christmas or do you spank him for playing with things he shouldn't? He has been told before that he shouldn't play with any electrical equipment.

Can you dig it?


a) I'm not spanking him for washing machine drumming, especially when no one is home. If he likes playing with, or on, the washer, he can learn to do laundry.

b) I believe that there are practice sets that don't make a huge amount of noise. One of those, and a voucher for lessons, is likely to be under the tree.

David M. Katz

He isn't harming the washing machine and it is off.

He is definitely talented.

Absolutely no punishment and we will consider drums for Christmas along with lessons.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


Yon lad is talented enough that Stevie should have bought him the drums a long time ago...

Stevie can invest in a set of earplugs for the times he wants a little peace and all...

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It's high time to get him a electronic drum set he can practise and play on without disturbing anyone (headphones). In the meantime, of course, no spanking, but a stern warning to double check the machine is plugged off before he does anything. And certainly not to use his feet.


It's unanimous for a drum kit and lessons for a Christmas present. Cool


Editor Extraordinaire
Drum kit and lessons for me too.



Hmm. If he breaks the machine he'll be doing the family laundry for years to come using the replacement that came out of his pocket money. I think Padraig has the best solution unless we have an outhouse. He clearly has talent. No spanking


First of all, I have never not encouraged a child in an artistic pursuit, including music. Second, calling this 'fooling around with electronic equipment' would be like punishing a kid for not having a driver's license when he sat on the trunk of a car. Finally, they have good electronic drum sets that can be played with headphones.

Yep, Zack is getting both drums and lessons for Christmas.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."

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