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1 Year later BOTD 02-05 Corey's first spanking? A Jack Wells Production

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Bransom Postmaster
Your nephew Corey is staying with you. He's six years old and in kindergarten. He's a very smart kid and doing really great. When his dad (your brother-in-law) is in a car accident, and your sister's having to stay at the hospital a lot, they ask you to watch the boy. Corey's Dad is going to be just fine.

Corey 6
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You're getting along pretty well, except it seems like he's tired a lot. Then one night, you wake up and find him playing the video game system, which you've told him he's only allowed to do between noon (when school gets out) and 8pm.

You know his parents believe in spanking, but he's never had one so far. What do you do?

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By six he should be in First Grade, unless he has developmental issues. Either way, he'll be getting his first spanking, hand on a bare bottom should be enough at his age for a first spanking IMHO.


Skater wrote:You know his parents believe in spanking, but he's never had one so far.

Do you mean that he has never had a spanking from me or that he has never had a spanking at all?

If his parents have spanked him in the past I will talk with him gently, explaining that he needs to rest, and then give him a not very hard spanking for breaking the rules. If he has never been spanked I'll have the same chat with him but instead of spanking him I won't let him play with his video games for a couple of days.

bro cody

Id ask Corey what the rules are in the house with playing vidio games. If Corey tries to fib his way of not knowing, Id remind him lying is more serious and if he like to think about telling uncle jack the truth. Id lower Coreys pj bottoms and underpants put over lap for about 10 hand spanks. Explain that he needs to follow all the rules, hug him and send off to bed.


Bransom Postmaster
I've been struggling with this one. I can't decide if I will wait and talk to my sister(Corey's Mom) the next day or simply spank Corey tonight and put him to bed. My sister has enough on her mind and I know she believes in spanking but I wonder why she hasn't spanked him yet.

Finally I decide this can wait until the next day. Corey's never had a spanking so he won't be thinking he's going to get one. I will call my sister and tell her what happened and tell her I think it's time Corey had a spanking. If she agrees I will spank him after having a long talk with him. If she doesn't I will take the video games away until he goes home.

This really was a hard decision, but I do want to let Corey's parents decide when it's time for his first spanking.


I don't really hold with 'formal' spankings for 6 year olds and if he has never had one from his Mum or Dad then I dont really see why I should be the one to initiate him or 'set the bar.'

I'll settle for a couple of swats on his pjs and then make sure I firstly limit how much time he can spend during th day playing these games and secondly, remove it and put it somewhere secure when it is his bed time, thus removing temptation.

Stone Man

What the heck am I doing allowing Corey to play video games from noon to 8 PM? Bad Uncle. Lets set a more reasonable amount of time (an hour a day?) and no gaming after 6 at night. By 8 PM, Corey should have been bathed, cuddled, read to, and be getting a 'good night' back rub from me while he is in his bed.

Lets get this kiddo outside and PLAYING. Then he may sleep the night through. I'm also going to put the video player 'away' when I go to bed.

As much as I would love to spank Corey for real (I have spanked him fairly hard but playfully several times) I feel this is more my stupidity than his disobedience. I will talk with Corey and make sure he is truly aware of the 'House' ground rules and close this incident.

I also want my sister and brother-in-law to have the opportnity to give their cute little gy his first "real" spanking.



Editor Extraordinaire
Corey is six-years-old and his dad is in hospital. I think even if his dad’s in no danger, it’s probably stressful for him to be away from his parents. While it seems clear that he’s being disobedient, I’d want to investigate what’s going on. There is a difference to me between his deliberately sneaking out of bed to play video games because he simply wants to play more and his being unable to sleep and playing video games because he dislikes lying in bed, tossing and turning.

Since he’s only six, I don’t imagine he’ll be a sophisticated liar. If he’s having trouble sleeping, then I’ll see what I can do to improve that situation—bedtime ritual such as story, warm bath at least half an hour before bedtime, staying with him until he’s asleep, allowing him to sleep with me, perhaps… there are a number of things that might help.

If Corey is just seizing the opportunity to extend his playing hours, then I’ll explain to him why it’s important for little boys to have plenty of sleep, point out how tired he’s been lately, and finally remind him that he’s disobeyed my rule about when he can play. For disobeying me, he is losing his game playing privileges for one day… and I intend to lock up the whatchamacallit so he can’t play . I’ll also tell him that if it happens again, he’ll get a spanking. I’m very reluctant to spank Corey since he’s not only never had a spanking, but also been separated from his parents. While I’m sure he’s testing me, I hope I can establish my authority without having to spank. His parents really should be the ones to handle that first time.

Kittykat: Children in Texas start kindergarten at the age of five and most have their sixth birthday sometime during the school year or following summer. Because of a very strict rule about being five on September 1 (or some date early in September... I could be slightly off) there will be some who turn six very quickly.


Emlyn Morgan

I am glad Corey's father is going to be fine. I must try to reassure the boy about that. I will make him tired in other ways: swimming, teaching him to ride a bike. I would invite neighbouring boys to visit. I would limit the computer games to an hour, preferably playing together with a friend, rather than solitarily

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First, your sister mentioned a few weeks ago that she and his father decided he's old and big enough for spankings, he just hasn't earned one yet.

Second, Corey isn't allowed to play video games FROM noon to 8pm, that's just when his game playing time can be (for instance, if he gets his bath and brushes, he can play 15 minutes, if he has it left for the day).

Three, he's just recently turned 6, so he's in kindergarten (which is why he only attends a half day).


I would love to spank the little tyke, but I'm not sure it's the best idea for several reasons. Maybe he's having trouble sleeping and is bored. How good is our relationship? Does he really understand what a spanking is?

So, instead of giving him the spanking, I'm going to put the game away for a day, and I'll sit with him in the evening to make sure he's going to sleep. If he has a little trouble and needs more than a hot bath and back rub, then we'll see what we can do.

When I give the video game back to him, I'll make sure he understands that, if he has trouble sleeping, he needs to come and get me; but if I catch him playing with the video game late at night again, I'll be baring his little bottom and smacking it red.


I'm with those who won't be spanking him. It wouldn't be fair to spank him if he didn't know that he would be spanked for doing this. It's also a case of cutting him some significant slack in this stressful situation. As adults, we expect people to be patient and tolerant with us when we are under stress. We shouldn't expect more of children than we do of ourselves!

So, he'll get a gentle (but firm) explanation of why he can't get up in the night and play ... about the need for his sleep, etc. I will tell him that if he wakes up, and can't sleep, he should come to me, and I'll help him with it. He may simply be waking up feeling "alone" and worried, and need some comforting.

I will also explain to him that if he disobeys me and does something I told him not to do, then he will get a spanking for it, and I'll tell him exactly what a spanking from me will be. That way the deterence is clear, and it won't be a surprise if (when?) he find himself over my knee with his little bottom bared.


Bransom Postmaster
Corey gets a spanking? Poor little boy!

Can you dig it?


Editor Extraordinaire
Don't think so. Not this time!



I'm not going to spank Corey for this. We'll talk--if he's having trouble sleeping, we'll deal with it. If he just wants to play the game, I will talk to him once more about the rules, making it clear that if he's caught sneaking game time again, he WILL be getting a spanking.


The inference is that his parents would agree to me spanking if Corey's behaviour so warranted. Even if that is the case I am reluctant. I am concerned though that Corey isn't getting enough sleep so will seek to fill his routine with other things that may sap his will to fight sleep. More fresh air would be a start. This game playing seems to be the one thing that stops him worrying about Dad. For now I will chase him back to his bed with a very gentle pat or two on the rump to encourage him. I will also the morning be removing his game till morning and when he goes to bed for the next few nights and that the only good reasons to be out of bed is if he needs the toilet or has seen a monster affraid Otherwise I may have to spank him


I will talk to Corey about the rules. Then I will pull his pants down and tip him across my knee for a single sample stinger and warn him that next time he will be getting a proper spanking.

I will tell my sister what I have done and be guided by her reaction.

Stone Man

No spanking for Corey, THIS time. I will explain better how things need to go and what the house rules are. And give him all sorts of help to get him to sleep. Smile


kitty wrote:
By six he should be in First Grade, unless he has developmental issues.

not really kitty, my youngest couldnt start school because her bithday was a week after the cutt off. So this next school year she will start kinder at five and a few weeks later turn 6 it all depends on the cutt off for the school.

As for the BOTD I am with those that wont spank. I will take the vidoe games away and move them so he wont be tempted to play.


John Boy

I think that since I caught him playing the game, I will take it away for a day or two, and then tell him if there is any problems in the morning he will be getting a spanking.

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