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BOTD 1/1/2017 "Oh, Danny Boy" An 18 Smacked Production

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David M. Katz

An 18 Smacked Production

You have just finished a foster parenting experience with a ten-year old boy named Danny and the adoption is tomorrow. He knows- and expects- that he will be spanked once he’s adopted. His background does not include abuse, so there is no reason to preclude spanking him. And, he has heard (but not seen) you spanking your other children, Stan, who is seven and Larry, who is nine. They get hand spanked on their bare bottoms for most things but you do employ a small paddle for serious issues.

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STAN - 7 & LARRY - 9
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Danny knows the rules of your house, and as we said, expects that he will get spanked when you are legally allowed to do that. The question is- how do you spank him the first time? (He has never in his life been spanked before.)  Should the first smacking be just over his underpants, for example, and tell him that 'the next time, his underwear will also come down,' " or, should you just "go for it" and do it bare-bottomed from the start? Moreover, if the misbehavior is a serious one, do you hold off on the paddle or, just give him a few smacks with it, or, should you do the entire smacking with the paddle, as is usually done?

He is a shy and gentle and extremely sensitive sort of boy, and you do not want his first few experiences to traumatize him any more than necessary.

What will be your procedure the first few times?

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Seems pretty simple. "Danny, you know how your brothers get spanked?"

"Yes, sir."


"Usually your hand on their bare butts."

"If you need a spanking, how do you think I should do it the first time?"

"The same way."

He might be extremely shy, and even a bit uncomfortable, but it would be worse for him to be treated differently.

As for how hard - If Danny has a pretty good idea of what earns the paddle and what doesn't, then I need to stick to that. However, I also know how to read a boys reaction (and bottom), so I should be able to spank him hard enough that he knows he's been spanked without being too harsh. As he gets more experienced with it, I can adjust as needed.

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I'm with Jack on this one.  It sounds like he has all the right ideas.


I'm with Jack as well.


Ditto jack

Hugs kal


It could make a difference if he has been or is around when one of his new brothers get spanked then he'd have a better idea of what was involved.


Unless it is uber serious leave the paddle out altogether. Part of the rest depends on whether he is in trouble with his new brothers in which case he may even wish to be treated exactly the same, or if he is on his own. Here it then depends whether fear of being bared is more paramount than the the thought of a spanking hurting more if bared. If the latter I would get him over that hurdle first time so he knows what to expect in future. Thereafter guage the amount of distress being generated and may be reduce length of punishment if you see fit


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I think if I'm worried about the effects of spanking traumatizing this shy, sensitive boy, I'd explore other methods of enforcing discipline, at least with him and perhaps with the others as well.



Just take him into the basement and show him your special 'time-out' room:

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That should do the trick...


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