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Spanking Hamilton - Aaron Alexander by David M. Katz

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David M. Katz


Hamilton Alexander is (was?) a brat.  Ham's parents decide that something concrete has to be done as Hamilton is not following the restrictions associated with being grounded.  The boy transforms over the course of the summer despite a couple of lapses.

For those who read the thread "9,626 words and now I hate them" ( ) will recognize the story.

I still struggle with this story even though it has posted and even though I resolved most of my personal issues with it.  I do love Hamilton.

I hope the series comes to pass as planned but we will see how the readers respond to Hamilton.  

Ham is a really great kid - he just needs help finding the great kid that is inside him.

It is long but I thought the length became necessary.

(I am discouraged as my first, and only so far, feedback said only, "This story is too long."  It was from one of my regular readers and so my initial fears were confirmed.)

I love the story and I truly love Hamilton and I hope you all do as well.


Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

Michael Junior

No disrespect to the regular reader you referenced, Dave, but that's just his/her opinion, and their opinion only. I did not find the story too long at all.

For comparison's sake, I learned that part 1 of your "Hamilton" story seems to be roughly 10,500 words, while part 1 of my "Michael" story runs about 12,500 words. None of the feedback I received said anything about thinking that my story is too long, and I feel the same about yours.

As far as the story itself goes, I'm LOVING it already. I love you Hamilton is a great character and I'm really rooting for him to be successful. He's really a good boy that's been conned by society into thinking that bad boys are cool. I'm glad his parents wised up and realized that they were failing him even more than he was failing himself.

I look forward to seeing how H responds to his new school. I'm sure it won't be a completely smooth transition for him, but I bet this great kid is going to turn things around there too - with some help, I'm sure. Wink

I'm so glad that you continued this story. I had a feeling that it would be a winner, and I'm not even close to being disappointed so far. study


Not too long at all, and, as usual, an excellent read.

More please.


Dave, far too often I feel negatively about a story I have posted, and see every single sentence in a dour way.  (And, realistically- how many readers labor over every sentence and analyze it to death as do authors?)

I don't have a solution to this common problem, Dave, except to say- DON'T DO IT! Your readers don't do it nor should you.

I wrote privately to you about Hamilton's story, and I thought it was certainly a fine story, and surely up to your usual standards.

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