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BOTD 01/13/17 "The Sit-In" A DMK Production

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1 BOTD 01/13/17 "The Sit-In" A DMK Production on Thu Jan 12, 2017 6:34 pm

David M. Katz

A DMK Production

Your fourteen-year old son, Donald, is subject to spanking if needed. Donald is very interested in and involved in, as much as his age will allow, politics, especially local and state issues.

Donald's 8th grade history class just finished a unit on civil disobedience and peaceful protests.

Your state recently elected a new governor.  Donald was very opposed to this person (as were you) being in office.  Donald was very vocal against this candidate (as were you.)  You voted against this candidate and, had Donald been old enough to vote, then he would have as well.  The fact that this candidate won was a shock and Donald and you are both convinced that his administration will be detrimental to your state.

The new governor is to be inaugurated tomorrow.  

Today the school principal called and says your son has been sitting quietly in one of the school hallways since he arrived this morning.  Donald will not move.  Obviously Donald is missing his classes.  The principal says they have been trying unsuccessfully for two hours to get your son to comply.

Donald says he is exercising his rights and is conducting a peaceful protest to the new governor. The principal asks you to come to the school and see if you can get Donald to move; if not, the police will be asked to remove him. (If you do get him to move then you might as well take him home because he is suspended.)

You get to the school and see:

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Donald maintains he is doing a peaceful sit in and refuses to move, even for you.  (You are able to physically move your son if you wanted to.)

What happens?

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


Um... Donald is doing something which is absolutely futile and... Stevie will pick him up and take him home where we will have a chat about this...

Stevie shan't punish him and all, anyway.

Further than that, Stevie does not think he should comment for fear of causing offense.



Editor Extraordinaire
I find the school's attitude unacceptable. Donald is not disrupting a class or in any way causing a disturbance at the school. Involving the police in the absence of any dangerous, violent or extremely disruptive behavior is an abdication of the school's responsibility. I will exercise my own political power to make the administration adopt a common sense policy against involving the police in what should be routine school discipline.

However, I will explain to Donald that the school is not the best place for his protest. Further, I will promise to help him find appropriate venues for protesting the new governor. If necessary, I will remove him bodily to prevent his being arrested.

I think a suspension is a ridiculous punishment in these circumstances. While I think the administration are asses, I won't contest the punishment. I may have a discussion with the principal about better ways of handling a situation such as this.


Michael Junior

The school is right to punish Donald - as a student, he is expected to be in class. I personally have issues with suspension in general, so I won't comment on the school's choice of punishment here.

I don't agree with the school getting the police involved - unless Donald expected to remain as a trespasser after the school is supposed to be locked up. That won't matter in this case anyway, because Donald IS coming home with me, and if I have to use bodily force to do it, then his bottom will suffer the consequences even more for disobeying me.

"Even more?" you ask? Yes. Even through I may share in my son's disappointment in the voters' choice for governor, the fact that he is cutting class is unacceptable. He will be going over my lap for that reason.

Afterward, we will have a heartfelt talk about how he (and I) can stand up for our beliefs in a positive way that can actually make a difference - without breaking rules or laws to do so.


"Principal, where is the nearest water filed fire extinguisher?"


If Donald had talked to me about this ahead of time, I would have told him that this was not a good idea for several reasons. First, by skipping classes he's (theoretically, at least) hurting himself. Second, the purpose of a protest is to let the people whom you're protesting no about your objections, which he's failing to do.... Actually, that's point three as well, since it refers to both where he's doing it, and that he's doing it by himself. I suppose fourth is also that he's not making his cause known.

In the school's defense, I suppose that they don't want this spreading to other students, especially not those who will use it as an excuse, rather than doing it from actual principles.

I will protest his suspension, and suggest the same punishment he'd receive for skipping classes would be appropriate, though he has added disobedience to that. Other than that, I'll quietly tell him that I agree with him, but that he's gone about things the wrong way, and that I'd prefer not to embarrass him, but I will pick him up and carry him out of he doesn't come on his own.

No punishment from me, but perhaps I should get him involved in my own political activities and try to shape a more constructive way for him to respond.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


Daniel will be coming home with me one way or the other. I wont be spanking. However we will be having a discussion
The gist will be

I admire his principles however I disagree entirely with what he is doing

apart from messing up his education it is wrong to attempt a disruption because a democratic result has not gone the way you wanted.

It is not democratic to attempt to deny people the result of a popular vote. That way lies totalitarianism and it is totally illiberal to do so.

Put banners up., write to papers, write to politicians , make speeches, distribute pamphlets

DO NOT attack people for exercising their right to vote for the "wrong" or you attack the democratic process itself.

I suggest he starts preparing a pamphlet during his suspension

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