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BOTD 03-14-2017 Staying Out Late on a School Night - An 18 Smacked Production

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Bransom Postmaster
Staying Out Late on a School Night
An 18Smacked Production

Your 14 year-old son, Olin, approached you on a Sunday afternoon and asked to go to a friend's house.  When asked how late he'd be out, he said he was not sure, "but not too late." You said it needed to be a specific time and, because he had school the next day, you issued a curfew of 10:00PM.  Olin said he would eat dinner with his friend.When he did not come home at 10:00, you rang his cell pone repeatedly, and got no answer. You continued to ring the phone every five minutes or so, right up to 11:00PM, when Olin sauntered through the door.

He said he "was just busy having fun, and lost track of time." You asked about the phone and he said, he was just busy and ignored it because he was having fun, and did not want to stop having fun to answer the phone. Olin adds, "Anyway, I told you it wouldn't be too late and 11:00 is not too late." Olin says you are overreacting.

Olin - 14
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Olin was last spanked three months ago.  Is it time for another spanking or will you accept his "it's not too late" answer?

If you decide to spank Olin, you also need to consider whether he should be spanked now, before bed at such a late hour. Or, will the spanking be postponed to a better time?

Can you dig it?


If spanking is the "go-to" form of discipline, he's over an hour late for the agreed upon curfew, and has clearly stated that he knew when he was supposed to be home, heard the phone and CHOSE to ignore it, and that agreed upon times are of no significance to him because he was "having fun". That seems to fit "direct, disrespectful disobedience". Dangerous? I guess it depends on where I live, but probably not. Nonetheless, I'm not going to let this pass.

If spanking is the usual punishment in our household, he's getting spanked. Before bedtime is a good time--he'll be recovered by morning.

If we've gone to some "more mature" form of punishment, he's grounded for a week. He'll leave the house for school, and have no access to electronics other than computer needed for school and friends will not be allowed to visit.


I'm with Kier - Olin gets a spanking tonight, not to mention a serious lecture about how to behave in the future.

On second thought, let's make that a deluxe spanking.

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Y Lee Coyote

It’s a school night and it is late so I tell him to get to bed as everything else will wait until after school tomorrow.  He will probably read the anger in my voice.  Telling him he is in big trouble and due a spanking or whatever will distract him from paying attention in class which is not a good thing so that will wait.

The next afternoon Olin will learn that he abused a special dispensation so don’t bother to ask again for a long time.  His reason for ignoring his phone is unacceptable.

His ‘not too late’ was not the contract I signed and he knows that.   It appears that he was testing me and it going to cost him.  Going to watch him more closely, be very strict about curfew and he risks grounding and lost of allowance.  Whacking him will just allow him to prove he macho.


David M. Katz

I shall make Olin a special dinner which he will feast upon before going to bed.

Rump Roast
Hot Buns
Cooked Goose

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


Sturdy belting, over the side of his bed, underpants down and bare bottomed.


I'm going with Kier's answer.

Olin didn't seem that bothered about being too tired to pay proper attention in class tomorrow, so I don't think that should concern me when I comes to punishment for his disobedience.


While I understand Y Lee's reasoning, an actual spanking doesn't take but a couple of minutes, and Olin is already up so late... I think the benefits of getting it done now outweigh the extra tiredness.

I will tell Olin to get ready for bed. Then I will pull his desk chair out and get the brush. When he comes back and sees me waiting...

I will also inform him that, if he's not going to answer his phone, he doesn't need one. If he wants to go someplace, he will have to give me a phone number for the parents before he goes. He'll now have a 9pm curfew, so I'll have time to fetch him, if necessary, before bedtime.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


ivor wrote:I'm going with Kier's answer.

Olin didn't seem that bothered about being too tired to pay proper attention in class tomorrow, so I don't think that should concern me when I comes to punishment for his disobedience.

I make you right Ivor. This is in the deliberate disobedience bracket and with the attitude displayed as well I think Olin needs to be brought up short. Olin will be sleeping on his tummy tonight after his paddling.He may also find it harder to get out on a school night again for a while for this breach of trust

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