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BOTD 3/17/17 "Beware The Red Mist" A Memory Man Production

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David M. Katz

Beware the Red Mist
A Memory Man Production

You are an arthritic 87 year old.  Widowed, you live alone in a cliff top bungalow overlooking the beach.  You have enjoyed an active life and you are still fit, except from the frustrating restrictions your arthritic joints impose on you.  You are still not disposed to grow old gracefully and at times you find yourself getting frustrated and angry about your handicap.

You welcome the fairly frequent weekend visits from your family that prevent you feeling lonely, but it is your great grandson Peter, a considerate ebullient kid who has just passed his ninth birthday, and for some mysterious reason dotes on you, who really lights up your life whenever he visits.  It is the highlight of your year when he comes to stay with you for three weeks in the summer holidays.

In your day you were pretty strict with your kids, less so with your grandchildren, until by the time Peter came along you've mellowed into a pussy cat.  You know that Peter gets spanked at home and he arrived this summer with a mandate for you to "wear him out if he's any trouble".  The reality is that although you indulge and spoil him he doesn't have an ounce of brattiness about him and you just live together as best buddies.

Peter loves the beach and although the steps down to it are a bit of a struggle for your knees you go down most fine days. Peter makes friends easily and there are usually plenty of other kids around so sometimes you hire a deckchair to sit while he joins in play with them; other times when its quiet and the tide is right you join him rock pooling - with him doing all the bending.  Today though you forgot to take your pain killers before going out and the climb back up the steps turned into a painful struggle that  would have been nigh on impossible without the aid of the stout handrail.  Peter who normally holds your hand and jabbers away on the ascent, today of all days, unthinkingly just skipped on up ahead - and you weren't best pleased about it.

When you finally made it up top you found Peter at one of the stalls that cluster around the top of the steps and flopped onto a bench to rest. You were annoyed that he'd left you to struggle up and you watched enviously as he moved lightly around in a crouching posture you'd never ever be able to achieve again in your lifetime. Your frustration grew into an anger tinged with self pity until, when you called him and he rose effortlessly to skip across to you a red mist came down.  You grabbed his wrist, marched him home and once inside stripped his shorts down and turned him across your lap for a spanking.

Peter - 9
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It wasn't a severe spanking; it wasn't a long spanking; especially since the impacts set fire to the arthritic nodes on your finger joints, thus giving some credence to the old "this hurts me more than it hurts you" platitude.

Your anger subsided rapidly and turned into guilt at having succumbed to your emotions.  You stopped spanking and Peter sprang clear, vigorously rubbing his stinging cheeks before turning to face you, his eyes glistening with tears.  "What was that for?"  He asked plaintively.

How will you respond?  

Perhaps you'll attempt to blag a justification about him running off out of your sight? (even though he'd never specifically been told not to)  --- Or maybe you'll 'fess up and apologise and attempt to explain and seek to make amends and restore trust?  ....or................??

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


I can surely relate to this, since, as a result of a spinal cord injury and spinal cord disease when I was 21 years-old, I am disabled, or, as it is now termed, "mobility challenged. In addition, I now have significant arthritis in both hands, shoulders. and my back. So, there are days when I do "want to take it out on the world." But, what I need to do then, is to recognize precisely what is bothering me and address it in more appropriate ways.

This, then, is exactly what I need to do with Peter. I owe him a humble apology and hope that can restore our relationship to a semblance of what we had prior to my foolish outburst. I can ask for Peter's help when am not feeling well, rather than taking it out on a doting nephew. I shoup hope that Peter will be willing to accept that someone of my age can make foolish mistakes and not act as they should.


Don't forget to buy him a bribe!!



While you could make up some sort of justification that would only add to your guilt. It would be far better to admit that you 'lost it' and took out your frustrations on hi backside. Hopefully, he will forgive and forget.

Pi Beta

RIP 9 Jan 47 - 17 June 17
Only total honesty and a full abject apology will do.

Plus an ice cream or similar as restitution.


If at 87 I have the energy to look after a lively if loveable and well behaved 9 year old, even t the point of still being able to deliver a spanking I would be counting my blessings. I think a totally honest apology and explanation and tell Peter to remind me to take my meds plus the biggest ice cream sundae in the town might be enough to bring Peter around

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