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BOTD 03-23-2017 Peter's Problem - A Memory Man Production

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Peter's Problem
A Memory Man Production

This BOTD is a sequel to "Beware The Red Mist" which can be found here:

Peter - 9
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Hi!  My name is Peter. I'm nine years old and I'm staying at my great granddad's house at the seaside for a three week break.  Its been a week now and I've had a fab time.  Great granddad may be wrinkly and creaky but he's full of fun.  He plays with me a lot and I don't have to treat him as a grown up, we just laugh and josh on together.  O.K. he's pulled me up a couple of times for getting too cheeky, but hey! it was for things dad would most likely have spanked me for.

Fab until today that is. He got into a mood and pulled my pants down and spanked me over his knee for nothing.  It hurt a lot but wasn't as bad as dad's spankings; I cried a bit even though I tried not to but I managed not to bawl like I do when dad spanks me.  He was sorry afterwards not as sorry as me) and he apologised and sort of explained he was a bit annoyed with me for not helping him up the steps. (he hadn't asked me though) He said he had forgotten to take his pain killers before we went out and the pain was making him angrier about it than he should have been.

So what?  He was the one who forgot his pain killers and there was no need for him to take it out on me.  I was hurting real bad the time I sprained my ankle but I didn't bash anyone.  Great granddad has asked me to forgive him and says he wants to make it up to me.  How would he do that?  He can't unspank me.

I've two more weeks to go but Mum did say I don't have to stay for the full three weeks if I get homesick.  Its so brill here though, I don't really want to go home early but I'm a bit scared now.

When granddad heard I was coming here he told me I'd better behave myself  'cos great granddad had been very strict with him as a kid and often pulled his pants down and spanked him,  that he also kept a special strap to leather him with if he was specially naughty.

Great granddad hasn't been strict with me at all (mum would most likely say he was spoiling me) and I know he wants me to stay. I want to stay too and have more fun but what if I actually do something bad when he's in a mood?  What if he's still got that special strap?

I can't make my mind up.  What should I do?

Can you dig it?


He said he was sorry. You're likely to get away with being a bit of a brat now, actually, though I would hope you wouldn't take advantage of that.

Your granddad won't be around forever. I'd recommend you enjoy your time together. Everyone makes mistakes, but not everyone admits them. If you think he's truly sorry, I don't think you have anything to worry about. If it happens again, and I'm pretty sure it WON'T, you can always go home early then.


First of all, even if that special strap still exists, there's a very strong likelihood it has already crumbled away unless it was regularly oiled in order to keep it intact. But, your great grandfather is way too arthritic to oil it, and so, as a result, it has long since crumbled away into nothingness. So, Peter, you can safely dismiss any thoughts about that special strap meeting your bottom, even if you deserve it.

Now, the fact is, you have had a great time, up until this one time when he had forgotten to take his pain medicine. Then, he got cranky, and spanked you when he should not have done so. I think, if it were not for this occasion you would not even be asking about going home. Thus, I suggest the following: Ask your great grandad when he takes his pain medicine. Then, when the time approaches for him to take the medicine, remind him to take it. If he does this, he will feel better, and so will your bottom.

You love spending time with great grandad, and he made a mistake, for which he apologized. You have and will make many mistakes in your lifetime. Live and let live, Peter- it is the very best way to live! If someone apologizes, forgive them, and mean it!

Enjoy the rest of the holiday with your great grandad, Peter!


Don't worry Peter, it's not the strap you have to worry about:
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It's his judicial birch he has left over from his days as a police sergeant and all...


Excellent idea from 18Smacked about ensuring GG takes his pain meds.

I also reckon that if he appeared truly upset about what happened when he apologised to you, then unless you do something really terrible during the rest of your stay you aren't likely to get another one.


You say you don't want to go home early, and I don't blame you. You also say you're scared, and that's understandable. Being in fear of being physically assaulted for any or no reason would ruin a trip no matter how much fun the rest of it is. I would suggest a few steps to deal with this.

1) Help GGPa remember to take his medication.

2) Accept his apology.

3) Apologize to him for not realizing he needed help.

4) You know now that stairs are really hard on him, so try to help him with them.

5) Tell him that he doesn't get to spank you anymore. Let him know that he can only spank you if he explains why and you agree, and if the two of you disagree, you should call your parents. If he's not willing to tell you why you deserve to be spanked and make sure you understand why, then you might have to go home early.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."

David M. Katz


Uncle Jack has given you some sound advice.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


I also think Jack also offers good advice. I think you are safe to give gt Grandpa another chance though


AFinch wrote:He said he was sorry.  You're likely to get away with being a bit of a brat now, actually, though I would hope you wouldn't take advantage of that.

Kier is right about that - you are at much less risk of a spanking now, for any reason, than you were before GGD's big mistake.

I like Jack's advice, especially point #5.  Talk to GGD and ask him if he would always give you the choice between having him spank you and you going home early.  I feel sure you will never have to make that choice, and just knowing that you have that choice available will keep you from being afraid, even if you opt for a spanking.

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