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BOTD 03-29-2017 Twin Trickery - A DMK Production

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A DMK Production

You have twin ten-year old sons, Peyton and Dayton.  The boys are actually fraternal twins but resemble each other enough to appear identical unless seen together.  The boys are in the same fourth grade class together.  The twins' school uses CP but use of CP requires a notice home and is administered by the principal on the following day.

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Peyton got in to some trouble at school that, because it was a repeat issue, earned CP.  Peyton is supposed to receive one swat from the principal.  Peyton brings the CP permission form home and, after some admonition to your son, you sign the form.

Your sons conspire on a plan that evening in their room.

Peyton and Dayton asked to be dropped at school a bit earlier today saying they had a club meeting so you obliged.  You also noticed the boys were wearing different outfits.  Although not totally unusual, the twins usually like to dress alike.

The boys go in and visit the principal's office so Peyton can hand in his permission form.  The boys make sure the principal notes they are dressed differently. The twins (and all of the students) know the principal's routine and knew he would be busy at that time. Sure enough Peyton is told to report back in about ten minutes for his paddling. The boys then go in to the restroom and swap outfits. Dayton then reports expecting to take his brother's paddling.

The principal knows what has happened despite the outfit change.  The principal can tell the boys apart (they were not aware of this) and the boys were wearing different shoes from each other and didn't think to swap shoes with each other. The principal tells Dayton he is on to the plan. Dayton is sent away and told to send Peyton in.  Peyton, to his surprise, gets his swat.  The principal does send you a quick email explaining what happened. Life goes on as normal until the boys get home.

You are just getting to your email when you hear a commotion in the twins' room. You respond to the commotion and a verbal argument has escalated to shoving.  You separate your sons and ask for an explanation. You have warned the boys before about physical altercations.

It seems that Peyton offered Dayton five bucks to take his paddling for him. Dayton wants to be paid now but Peyton says he isn't paying because the trick didn't work.  Dayton says that isn't his problem.

How do you sort this whole thing out?

Can you dig it?



They're both going to be paddled at home (always assuming we're in some place where this is legal) so I'll allow Dayton to take both paddlings if he still wants to be paid...

Then I'll ground Peyton for two weeks...

Stevie (the cruel and dreadful monster)

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"Dayton, you just said your brother offered you five dollars to take the swat, but that you didn't do it."

"It wasn't my fault."

"No, but you still didn't earn the money. Peyton, I'd recommend you give your brother part of the money, because he did try."

"Is a dollar okay?"

"That's up to you."

Brief wait.


"Yes, sir," they both reply.

"Good. Now there's the issues of deceit, dishonesty, and fighting. Pants and briefs off, and one of you fetch the Tailblazer."

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


No money changes hands. As it seems the Principal is leaving the deception to me both boys will be paddled at home for that and the fighting and Dayton gets a swat at school which I'm sure he'd have got already had the Principal not had to ask me for permission
Think we are even boys


Jack's solution sounds good to me.


I agree with Square on this one.

I will explain to the boys that I will not allow any money to be exchanged on the affair because it was a bad plan (to deceive) in he first place, and they should never have been conspiring to deceive the principal. So, I will not have any money be exchanged.


I'm in agreement with Square as well. A bargain that is "illegal" when formed does not become legal because there is a "contract" for that illegal service.

David M. Katz

AFinch wrote:I'm in agreement with Square as well.  A bargain that is "illegal" when formed does not become legal because there is a "contract" for that illegal service.

I like Square's approach as well.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


Am unconvinced this needs any action from me.

They tried a con that didn't work and justice was not perverted.

I actually think it is pretty funny and will probably be one of those things that comes up in family history at embarrassing times in the future.

As for the shoving - I'll just separate the and tell them to calm down.

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