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BOTD 03-30-2017 Rude Awakening - A Late Chat Production

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A Late Chat Production

It is a Saturday in Spring. There is a family reunion at your house, the grandparents arrive a little early and you all sit to chat in the living room.

You have two children, 12 yo Erick and 9 yo Vince. They get along most of the time.

ERICK - 12 & VINCE - 9
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The boys both had Little League games that morning and arrive from their games and join the chat in the living room.  Erick says that he had a very early game and he is tired. Erick is sitting on the sofa and after a few minutes you realise that he fell asleep.

More family arrived and at lunch time everyone starts going out because you will grill burgers in the back yard. Erick is left to his slumber.

it is time to eat and for the reunion to officially begin and so you ask Vince to go wake Erick up. Vince goes inside.

Some minutes later Vince runs out being chased by a very angry Erick.

The entire family is now watching the scene and Erick does catch Vince.  You intervene just in time before things get physical. You learn that Vince woke up Erick as you asked but his method was not what you had in mind. Vince filled a glass with water and dumped it on his brother's head. Erick is angry.

You asked Vince why would he would dump water on Erick? Vince said that yesterday morning, while Vince was showering, Erick flushed the toilet and Vince ended showering with hot water! Vince says that he was only getting even.

What do you do now?

Can you dig it?

David M. Katz

I am going to break out the Super Soakers and put the boys away from the guests and let them at each other. Wettest boy loses.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


I sit down with the boys, and tell them that I want the bitterness and nonsense between them to stop. If it does not stop there will be consequences that neither one will like. (I will not specify what they are, but they will be sufficiently unpleasant that neither will be happy. This allows me the leeway to react as I choose, depending upon the specific circumstances.)


Much as I like DMK's solution, I'd actually do what 18Smacked proposes.


While DMK's answer should allow them to work off their angst, I reckon 18Smacked's is the more sensible course to take.


My intervention was probably timely but its all within the family and boys will be boys.

Three heads will be very close together as I tell them quietly to calm down.

There's no need for any threats, they both know the likely consequences for bad behaviour.


"Erick, go towel off and change shirts. I'll keep your burger warm. I know, but we're not going to deal with this right now. Go on."

Later... I honestly don't have much sympathy for Vince. While it's possibly Erick's action was deliberate, there's no question that Vince's was, and I'm not willing to deal with warfare based on carrying grudges around. I mean - does Vince really want to shower while smelling Erick's waste, or would he complain about that as well.

I will start a new rule that if someone is in the shower, you announce before you flush (and give a second for them to respond).

For now, I think it's best to just ask Erick to show he's the better man, and warn both of them that this kind of vendetta behavior won't be tolerated.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


Surely the toilet flushing affecting the shower is an effect of poor plumbing rather than Ericks fault , unless this is a known issue. I m not sure family life is best served thoughif that is the case, esecially when people are getting up at the start of the day.. For me it comes down to understanding the issue. Clearly Vince was wrong to o this but want him to understand that it may not have been his brothers fault and would hope the boys can make peace with each other.I want Vince to apologize to Erick and then we can perhaps move on

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