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BOTD 04-13-2017 Red Tail Tattle Tale - A Jack Production

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A Jack Production

These are your sons, Mason (11) and Logan (14 - just recently)
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Usually the two of them get along, or are at least civil to each other.  They know your expectations of them, and are generally willing to follow them (or are unwilling to risk the sore bottoms that come from not following them).

You've been divorced for about two years now, and you've been separated nearly a year longer than that.  After the divorce, when you received full custody of the boys, you moved across the urban area where you lived, so you could be closer to your family than your exes).  Since then, Jack, your older cousin, has been a huge help to you, helping you out whenever you needed someone to watch the boys.  

After the long recovery period, you've recently started dating again, but your schedules don't always mesh well, so you have to go out at odd times.  Tonight, you had dinner, and Jack kept your kids and gave them dinner.

When you show up to pick them up, Mason is already on the couch in Jack's living room.  He's usually pretty excitable, but tonight he seems a bit quiet - almost morose.

Jack comes up and starts talking to you, obviously building up to something, when Logan comes bouncing down the stairs with his bag over his shoulder.

"Hi, Dad.  I'm ready to go.  Mason's in a bad mood cause he got a hard spanking from Uncle Jack."

Mason obviously is unhappy with his brother, and Jack turns to glare at him.  Like you, Jack has a rule that those who tease about spankings, get spanked.  The problem is, even though it made Mason mad, it didn't really sound like Logan was teasing.

Do you say anything now?  What happens when you get home?

One More Step:
What if, in a sing-song voice, Logan came down and said, "Guess what, Dad?  Mason got a spank-ing, Mason got a spanking!

Can you dig it?


Case 1.  It might have been unwelcome to Mason, but Logan was just simply stating a fact.  It probably would have come out anyway soon enough.  I'll tell Logan that in the future when Mason gets a spanking, it is up to his brother to tell me about it, not Logan.

Case 2.
Logan gets a spank-ing.  Logan gets a spank-ing.


Case 1
I'll tell Logan it's up to Mason or Uncle Jack to inform me of such news. It doesn't concern him.

Case 2
I'm with Adric, 100%.

Aftermath of Seven On Safari?


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K Club.



Mason evidently crossed the line whereas Logan has had a close run.


In these circumstances tattling = teasing.

Mason can watch.

David M. Katz

Kat wrote:K Club.



Actually it is K3 + A

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


Dittoing the one before me....LOL

Hugs kal


On 1 like David I will simply say its not down to Logan to tell me or Jack if he it requires me to reinforce in anyway.

On 2 Logan is on thin ice. I will say that if hes jelous he can have a sore butt of his own and that if he doesnt quit teasing Mason that is what will happen


AFinch wrote:Aftermath of Seven On Safari?

Yes, yes it is.

In RL, I just gave Logan a glare, and he realized he'd messed up. His dad just said, "Thank you, Logan, but it's not your place to report on your brother. Jack will let me know what I need to know."

He was pretty chastised by that point. I don't know if his dad said anything else later, but he did apologize to me the next day, so I think he knew he'd been a bit out of line.

In Case 2, I would probably respond, "And Logan is about to!"

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."

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