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BOTD 4/15/17 "Good Friday Good Boy" A DMK Production

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David M. Katz

Note to all:

As the BOTD is posted the evening before this one is actually for Saturday.  However, I got confused and so it is getting posted today instead of yesterday as should have happened.  So, work with me.  Thanks.  Also, the BOTD that posts tomorrow will be an Easter themed one.



A DMK Production

Your thirteen year-old son, Joshua, did something very out of character Wednesday of this week.  Joshua skipped school and wandered around a shopping complex with some friends.  Joshua tried shoplifting and was caught.  You were allowed to handle the matter and handle it you did.  You broke out the strap that your father used on you - the one you hoped to never use on Joshua.  You are certain the strap made a very good impression on your son as he was only hand spanked as needed previously.  Joshua was quiet and distant for the rest of Wednesday and all day yesterday.

Today, Joshua is out of school (legally) as the school system celebrates Good Friday as a holiday. You expect that Joshua will hole up in the house and play video games most of the day.  You and your spouse leave for work.  Joshua is still sleeping when you all leave.

You come home from work first and see this:

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It is Joshua's chore to mow the yard but you always have to ask and remind him. This is the first time he has taken the initiative to do it without being asked. You and Joshua exchange waves and he continues mowing and you go in the house.  

You are shocked when you go inside.  It is obvious that Joshua has cleaned the house including vacuuming and dusting and deep cleaning of the kitchen and baths. You note that something is in the oven and smells delicious.  It would appear Joshua has put dinner on.  You take a peek in Joshua's room and it is immaculate. None of the work Joshua has done was expected or required.  It seems your son has been a very busy boy.

So, what got in to Joshua?  And, he is almost finished with the lawn and will be coming in soon.  What will you say to and possibly do for your son?

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


What got into Joshua is that he knew he did wrong, paid part of the price with that strap, and is doing all of this to complete his own atonement, I think that speaks very highly of the boy, and the job his parents have done in raising him.

I'm going to commend him for all his hard work, without cheapening it with a bribe. If there's something fun we can do together, I'll try to arrange that. If there's something he's really been wanting, it may magically appear a little ways down the line, but not immediately. I will, in the kindest possible way, remind him that shoes and hearing/eye protection are essential for his safety when operating power equipment.


I'm going to start by making notes to talk to him later about sunscreen and shoes with activities like this, but I think that can wait until later.

For now, I think I'll make up a batch of cherry lemonade, and take it to him.  While he's stopped, I'll ask if he plans on remodeling the garage when he's through, of if he has time to go get some pizza and catch a movie with his old man.

Oh, and I shan't forget to drop a casual 'Thanks - this all looks great.'

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."

Y Lee Coyote

I had best lie down and rest.  Either I have been hallucinating or have been moved into an alternative/parallel universe.

But more seriously, it appears that my little boy has exposed the young man hiding inside after the horrid ‘bad’ Wednesday.  I will commend and thank him.

Maybe a special treat soon.   Have to be careful not to be excessive and spoil his feelings of being grown up and responsible.


P.S. To Jack - no pizza today - he has dinner in the oven!


Y Lee Coyote wrote:...!
sounds good for me!


I can't add anything constructive to what is already there. I fully agree with the thoughts that Jack, Kier and YLee have cited.


I'm 100% with Kier but will defer the safety nit-pick until the next time he does the job.

YLC states "it appears that my little boy has exposed the young man hiding inside after the horrid ‘bad’ Wednesday."  

I agree and and will be taking the opportunity to watchfully allow him more freedom to develop this aspect of his character.


Reckon I should offer to hire out my 'magic strap' - I think I could make a fortune. Laughing


Editor Extraordinaire
I agree with everyone else. Very Happy


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