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BOTD 05-02-2017 Classroom Volleyball Toss - An 18Smacked Production

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Classroom Volleyball Toss
An 18Smacked Production

This is your 12 year-old son, Marcus
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If he has a sheepish look on his face, he should! You see, he came home from school with a note from his teacher saying that he and his "friend" Greg, were throwing a crumpled up piece of paper around the classroom when the teacher turned his back. But, Marcus was the only one who got caught. (And, this is just the latest in a long list of events where Greg had gotten Marcus to be in trouble, yet he emerged scot free.) What you have noticed is that the more he associates with his new friend, Greg, the more he is getting in trouble while Greg goes off with no consequences. You asked if Greg knows the troubles he has caused Marcus, and your son says, "Yeah, he always asks if I got in any trouble, and I always tell him when I got spanked. He knows and says he is real sorry." You still marvel at how adept Greg is at not ever getting in any trouble himself.

Greg - 12
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In any case, this is the second time that your son has been in trouble for his classroom behavior in a 4-week period. Last time he was hand spanked. Is it time that he feels a bit more than your hand to make an impression in his mind?

You do have a small wood paddle you got for the day it would be needed. Is today that day?

Can you dig it?


No, I don't think the paddle will have to come out. The offense was not that serious. Still, he is in for some serious butt warming with my hand. In the near future, I will more closely watch the influence Greg has on my son; it's not my job to interfere with how Greg is raised by his parents, but bringing up my son is a responsibility I take seriously, and that includes potentially limiting whom he may have contact with.


I don't think it's possible to limit contact with a school peer at school, and that appears to be where the trouble is happening.

I'm going to talk to Marcus about peer pressure. I'm sure we've already had that discussion, but it's worth pointing out that he is being used/allowing himself to be used as Greg's patsy, and he's the only one getting into trouble. He might want to think either his relationship with Greg, or is penchant for going along to get along.

No spanking this time.


Editor Extraordinaire
I'm with Kier. I'll have a short conference with the teacher to alert him/her what is happening if this occurs again. Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action.



Err...... If the teacher's note says he and Greg were caught throwing a piece of paper round, then how come Greg escaped scot free?

I'll presume the teacher's note said it was Marcus who was caught in the act of throwing the paper ball and he has told you about Greg's part now.

However, I don't see it needs any further action from me to whatever the school has already done, although I will tell him that his relationship with innocent Greg does seem to be getting him into trouble


ditto Ivor


I agree with Ivor about the note, but furthermore, I have to wonder how Greg could have planned for the teacher to turn around right as Marcus chose to throw it (I'm assuming that, if Marcus was caught catching, he would have just denied anything else, and if the teacher sent a note home with Marcus to inform me that someone was throwing paper at him, that teacher and I would be having a discussion, no matter what Marcus admitted to me).

Asking that question makes me wonder if Greg is really doing anything, or if Marcus just has no luck. Instead of trying to blame Greg (causing Marcus to be defensive), I'm just going to point out that Greg seems to be a bad luck charm for him (Marcus) getting away with things, and tell him that he needs to think about settling down and avoiding trouble while with the other boy. I might also mention that, if I were friends with someone, and I kept suggesting activities that got them (and only them) in trouble, I would have to consider fessing up to my share, or even taking the blame entirely, at least occasionally - IF I were a real friend.

As for this case... I do want to know why the teacher didn't handle if. If it was handled at school, I see no reason for anything else. If it wasn't, I will probably give Marcus his choice between a hand spanking or writing a detailed apology to the teacher for disrupting class.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


Greg is either very lucky or very clever. Is he deliberately putting Marcus in a spot or just better at "ducking" at the right moment. This may be a case of being cruel to be kind. A hand spanking topped up wit a couple with the paddle to may be instill some backbone in Marcus for the next time Greg suggests some nefarious activity that might bring trouble. I might ask Marcus what he thinks about a boy who leaves him in it and doesnt own up to his part.

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