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BOTD 05-03-2017 Motor Mouth Mania - An 18-Smacked Production

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Motor Mouth Mania
An 18Smacked Production

Your 11 year old son, Larry, was talking too much with his friend in school this morning, so his teacher told him to stay inside during playtime (or recess, as it is called in the States) . But, Larry went out anyhow, and so he had to stand on the wall for the whole playtime, and you got called. Larry has a habit of talking in class. and your hand frequently smacks his bare bottom. You also have a small lightweight wood paddle for particularly bad behavior. He did something similar to this talking in class about four weeks ago, and you used your hand then.

Larry - 11
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Is there a way that you can make the point with Larry, and help him remember his responsibility as a student? Should today be the day you introduce him to that paddle?

Can you dig it?


I'm going to remind the teacher that keeping an energetic, active child inside during free time is a good way to cause more trouble, not avoid it. I'm also going to point out that the teacher needs to control her class. Unless she wants me to come in there and run it for her (or him), then I shouldn't interfere. I will point out that Larry behaves at home.

Okay, in order to avoid Larry being on the teacher's s-list the rest of the year, I probably won't say all that, but I do intend to talk to her and her boss and find out what the trouble is.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


What he said....


Back in my day you simply didn't talk in class - or else!

If feasible the simplest solution to the problem would be to sit him separately so that he has nobody to talk to.

If not, then perhaps the teacher has a roll of duct tape affraid


ivor wrote:Back in my day you simply didn't talk in class - or else!

I remember those days.

This is really a school discipline problem but since my help has been sought I will politely tell the teacher that I will have a word with Larry, and I will do just that.

However after our discussion has concluded Larry will be left in no doubt that any further discussion on the subject will be conducted with his pants round his ankles. (at least until he kicks them off)


Editor Extraordinaire
Talking in class isn't the crime of the century; and while being kept in for recess is a problematic consequence for some kids, for most, it's a logical consequence: i.e., you talk on my time, and you'll lose your own free time. It seems to me the school has dealt with the talking and the subsequent issue of Larry's going out anyway.

I'll have a talk with him to remind him how unpleasant it is not to have that precious free time with his friends, as well as his responsibility to be respectful in class. I'll also tell him that when he earns a consequence, he should accept it -- that trying to evade one only means more trouble.

I'll send the teacher a reply note that I've talked with him about his behavior. I see the note, not as a demand for more punishment, but as an attempt to keep me informed. I can reinforce and support the teacher without piling on.

Unless Larry's talking in class becomes much more of an issue than it seems to be, I don't see a need to add to the school's punishment.



I'm with mm and Kat.....

Hugs kal

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