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BOTD 05-24-2017 Jax Gets Boxed In - An 18 Smacked Production

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Jax Gets Boxed In
An 18 Smacked Production

This is your seven year-old son, Jax.
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He likes playing with boxes. He connects them and crawls through them, playing like he is in a tunnel; he must be a budding engineer. One day, he was playing with his boxes and it became lunchtime so you called the kids to eat. You called for him more than four times; when he did not come, you figured he just was not hungry and would eat more at dinner. About an hour after lunch had been cleaned up, Jax stopped playing with his boxes and asked about lunch. When you told him that lunch had been cleaned up over an hour before, Jax had a tantrum. You offered him a sandwich but he wanted the grilled cheese sandwiches that everyone else had for lunch. Meanwhile, he was having a real conniption.

How would you handle Jax's meltdown; he has not had a tantrum for three years now. He gets hand spanked and you have a very nice flat ebony hairbrush that you were planning to use "one day."

Is today the day for that (and if so, how would you go about doing that) or have you a different approach?

Can you dig it?


First of all, I can't see any way I'd consider using a hairbrush on a 7 year old at all.

Secondly, I never bothered to check on Jax. For all I know, he fell asleep and never even heard me calling. Now he could very well have woken up a bit dehydrated and tired - not just not feeling good, but feeling neglected. He and I are going to have a talk about what happened, but it's not like grilling cheese takes hours and hundreds of dishes. I'm going to grill him a sandwich, adn we'll talk about what happened and what I expect later.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


I would at least have checked on him when he did not respond to the calls for lunch. But anyway, I'm not spanking him for this, but I'm not rewarding this behavior either. He can have the regular sandwiches if he is hungry. I'll try to talk to him and calm him down, but if he is unable to do so he can eat his sandwiches while serving his timeout.


I agree with Jack. Before getting to the end of the narrative, I was thinking Jax had gotten trapped in one of his boxes. Although that didn't happen, I think when he didn't turn up when called for lunch, I ought not to have assumed he just didn't want to have lunch. None of this sounds spanking worthy.


Editor Extraordinaire
No biggy to make the grilled cheese. I'm with Jack.



I think Jax is hoping to be a carton character when he's a bit older.

I really should have gone looking for him when he didn't respond to my calls, so I guess him missing lunch is (almost) as much my fault as his.

Am more inclined though not to do anything special for him even if toasting some cheese isn't exactly cordon bleu - unless of course the cheese is ...........


Do I KNOW he heard me?  i.e. Did he reply?

If so, its natural consequences, he can contain his hunger until dinner.  

If not he can make his own sandwich under supervision.

In either case I will allow him five minutes to contain his tantrum before his pants come down.


Ditto jack.....

Hugs kal


First were going to clear up the tantrum. Then w're going to find .out why he didnt come when I am surprised I didnt go find him or send a sibling to fetch him out. At issue for me is whether he deserves to having grilled cheese or whether he just gets a normal sandwich. I wont be tantrumed into surrendering to him but I want to know what happened before I decide. I dont think spanking, never mind hairbrushing is called for


He can wait for his tea at 4:30 with the rest of the family... it won't kill him to go hungry for a couple of hours and all...

handmade straps

I think Jack hit the nail on the head.


I take a really dim view of tantrums.  Spoiled brats do tantrums and Jax isn't going to be one of those.  I'll tell him to shut it off immediately, or else.  Then there are two possibilities.
1.  If he shuts it off immediately, then I'll ask him why he didn't come to eat when I called out to him.  If he didn't hear me or had some other good reason then I'll whip up a grilled cheese sandwich for him.
2.  If he continues the tantrum, then I'll bare his butt and spank him.  And no grilled cheese sandwich.

Food shouldn't be that important to him anyway.  Certainly not tantrum-worthy.

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