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BOTD 05-31-2017 The Crime of the Century - A Y Lee Coyote Inspired Production

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A Y Lee Coyote Inspired Production

You have three sons.  Ronnie and Clyde are nine-year old twins.  Al is seven.  The boys have been plotting and planning a bank robbery for weeks.   Shocked  

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AL - 7
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Neither you nor your spouse were aware of the boys' plans.  The boys pulled off their robbery and the crime would have been unsolvable had it not been for your neighbor.  Your neighbor and his son were in line at the teller's counter when your sons pulled off their caper.  Your neighbor was witness to it all and reported the facts to you.

Al was posted at the door as lookout and as door holder.

Ronnie and Clyde rushed in to the bank and sprinted for the teller's counter.  Upon the marble slab counter were containers of green lollipops intended for customers of the bank.  Ronnie grabbed a handful of lollipops as did Clyde.  The boys then rushed out of the bank, each with a fistful of green lollipops.  The boys tripped over each other in their rush to exit the bank.  Al held the door open for his brothers and the trio then made a quick escape.

What will you do about the fugitives in your own home?

**YLC was inspired by this article:

Can you dig it?


Ah'll do nought t' yon lads... tha knows well as banks steal enough from us and all...


Oh, well... I'll tell them off a bit and explain that those lollipops are intended as presents for the customers, one for each customer, and that it's rude to take so many. I'll leave it at that. Not really stealing, in my opinion. In fact I'm secretly amused.

We represent the Lollypop Guild,
The Lollypop Guild,
The Lollypop Guild
And in the name of the Lollypop Guild,
We wish to welcome you to Munchkinland!

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I agree with Daniel.

My nephew once played the mayor of Munchkinland ;-)


I may go with what Daniel advises, or if the boys are not taking me seriously enough (and I can't keep a straight face), I may do this:

I am sure that when I talk with the boys, I am going to be told, "But Dad, they were giving them out free." So, I need to talk with them so that they understand several things. First of all, the lollipops are for the customers (okay, "clients") of the bank. Next, no one is invited to load up their pockets with the candies. Rather, they may have one or two and that is it! Finally, they are not customers of the bank nor did they take anything near a reasonable amount.

Now that we clearly understand each other on what is reasonable, such as not going into the bank without an adult with them, and proper limits on how many candies to take if they do go inside, we shall expect those rules to be followed in the future. I will have each boy repeat what I expect in the future.

That being done, we need to make restitution on what they took. I will raid each of the boy's piggy banks and I will take a sufficient amount of money to buy a bag of lollipops. We will then go back to the bank, and make the restitution- and an apology- to the manager.

On the way home, I will let the boys know that if they fail to keep the rules we discussed, they will end up with red and sore bottoms. I will ask each boy if that was clear, and they will nod their heads and say, "yes."

But, admittedly, keeping a straight face through all of the above will be very tough!


Editor Extraordinaire
I'm with the others so far. A talking to should be enough.


David M. Katz

I get a cut of the loot or I'm turning state's evidence. Razz

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


This is both amusing and worrying.  They have committed a "crime"  They have stolen freebies not intended for them and their crime has been detected.

It may just have been a game but they have actually gained a RL benefit from their theft and my worry is that if they "get away with it" it could be a precursor to some real shoplifting.

I'll go along with their game, I'll pick up the hairbrush and demonstrate (on their bare bottoms) what happens when real thieves get caught.


A 'stick up' with a difference - and so sweet! Laughing

They might get a pop on their backsides for this, but as no lolly was stolen I can't get too upset over it.


Even though I live in a low crime area, there's still a security guard at the door to the bank, so I'm thinking they must have been allowed to get away with this.

As many other people, I'm torn. No harm was done, but I want them to realize they were wrong. We're going to talk about what they did and why, what the consequences for adults would me, and then I think it's time to teach them to pick a switch, so they'll know the consequences for little boys who commit crimes (no actual switch picking involved at this time).

I also want them to learn good manners, so we'll talk about sharing freebies with others. Beyond that.... part of me wants to make them return the lollipops and apologize, part of me wants to let it go at that point. Guess it depends on their other behavior lately. I am tacking the suckers and rationing them though - we're seeing the dentist soon enough anyway.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


I'm with 18 smacked and jack....

Hugs kal

12 Time to become a customer on Wed May 31, 2017 2:20 pm


This is my first go at this, so be kind. It's to early for a spanking.

I like what everyone said. This is my take.

I would sit the boys down and talk. I would explain that freebies are for customers. Since they were not a customer, taking the freebies was stealing. Freebies are also meant to be one per customer. Since they took more than one they are guilty of Grand Sucker Theft which carries a higher penalty than just Sucker theft.

Then I will explain to them that we are all going to the bank with our piggy banks and make restitution, with an apology and money for the taken suckers.

After which, each boy will open a savings account, thus making him a customer, which entitles him to one sucker for each time he makes a deposit into his savings account. The more suckers he wants the more deposits he needs to make.

He is allowed to make as many deposits as he likes to get as many suckers as he wishes.

Then I pull the paddle out and ask them. Do you understand the rules about freebies or do I need to reinforce the rules?

Of course they will understand and do not want it reinforced.

Good object lesson to start boys saving. I like it.

But like has been said before, I might have to schedule there dentist appointments every 4 months instead of the usually 6 months check ups, depending on how savings minded they become.


Sure their crime was a petitesse. But they have planned their "crime" as a robbery.
Maybe it they have just asked the would each get one.

So they planned something forbidden. And therefore at least the two older boys need to get their shorts or trousers and pants down and their bare bottom heated up.
So I would suggest a bare bottom spanking for the older boys.

For the younger one - don't know. If I would spank him at all I think an otk hand spanking is sufficient.
But at least he should watch how his brothers get it and get explained that taking something, that's not yours without asking is not allowed and needs to be punished.

I would send all 3 back to the bank to bring back the stolen lollies. If the bank stuff has some good sense he would at least let each one otherwise I would buy them one.


I'll go with Zyngaru on this one - very nice motivational strategies.

Y Lee Coyote

Just a few comments as background.

Dave has given me far too much credit.  I did spot the original item in the New York Times in their fun items weekly column at    Dave actually recast the story and found the pictures which is the hard work.  However, I did get him to lower his original age specification more in keeping with practices here.

The actual crime scene is shown here:,-73.9544434,3a,37.5y,270h,90t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sht2g_UupVfJ061xjdVXVEw!2e0!7i13312!8i6656 The bank’s logo has a GREEN background which probably explains why GREEN (like money) lollipops.

I suspect that you wonder about the kids running free at such a young age.  The transport system (MTA subways and buses) allow eight-year-olds on their own.  (Compare Amtrak’s twelve-year-old policy.)  See the City's rules for school transport at   Of course, the primary mode of transport is Shanks Mare.

I'm always surprised by those little ones but this is civilization.  Never seen them behaving badly.  (The high schoolers apparently are a potential problem because the police are manning the transfer stations at school break time.)   I guess that young minds quickly adapt to conditions just like they learn multiple languages, video games, computers and all.  For comparison, I have the equivalent problem with young farm boys plowing either with horses of days past or tractors now.

I inquired in one branch today about this.  The bank does NOT have an official policy.  The 'problem' exists with both the lollipop and pens they provide without charge.  The 'perps' are adults as well as children.  Incidentally, there was a red one in a sea of green lollipops.

I’m sure that if they asked they would have gotten one or two each without a problem but missed that high of grabbing free stuff and running.

I also agree with the consensus that they need a talking to.



I very much like Z'ds constructive solution and will follow it up as a form of rehab. but first I must pre-empt the formation of an embryo shoplifting gang of a distracter, a lifter and a getaway aid.


This is serious.

First, no one has green accessories.

Secondly, green confections have a disgusting flavour.

Thirdly, they were running.

All the above are in poor taste. You are bringing the boys up to be discerning aesthetes. This is a triple lapse from your high standards. The boys have shown no sense of colour co-ordination, offended culinary standards and failed to go about their business in an unhurried manner. Stern measures are called for. Your slipper needs to come out.


Intrigued that the boys are wearing replica England rugby shirts. Given their ages all three will be lectured to death and the age appropriate handspankings they get will seem like a relief. We will then return to the Bank with the remainder of the stash( what do you mean you had them all? guess you wont be needing dinner then) and apologise to the Bank manager. I believe in the US armed bank robbers get sent down for life. I need to nip this in the bud

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