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16 June 2017 - Is Too Late Finally Time?

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1 16 June 2017 - Is Too Late Finally Time? on Thu Jun 15, 2017 3:46 pm


About six months ago, you met a slightly older lady. The two of you took to each other almost immediately, and started dating within a couple of weeks. Things are serious enough that the two of you are seeing a Premarital Counselor. While it could be a problem that she already has three kids, and is having to mostly raise her little brother, because of her mom's bad health, your dad raised foster kids (including you), and your family is way bigger than that. Also, you enjoy kids enough that you're a teacher and couch, and it's actually three her oldest son that you met.

After you'd been dating a bit, and the two of you became close, you stepped in and handled discipline with the boys from time to time, when the situation called for it. She's actually pretty strict, and you basically handled the occasional spanking like she did - bare bottom and plastic flyswatter for the younger, bare and your hand for her other two, but her little brother is thirteen, so you let him keep his boxers on and used a belt on him.

The boys in question: 6-year old Paden, 10-year old Kline, 13-year old Emmet, and 9-year old Glenn.

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About six weeks ago, it was your birthday. Because you and your new lady wanted to celebrate your birthday, your father agreed to watch the boys. Apparently, while you were gone, Emmet had a talk with your father, who later included two of your little brothers who are about Emmet's age in the discussion. The next day, your dad took you aside and talked to you. Later, the two of you talked to Emmet, and it came out that Emmet really hated getting the belt. Your dad theorized that it was because it was too impersonal, and too far from what he was used to. He agreed he'd rather get it more like his sister gave it, about the way your dad usually does.

To show your agreement, you and Emmet (with a bit of help from your dad) made a new paddle for Emmet, based on one your Dad uses on younger teens. He not only did most of the work, but designed the look of the paddle. Despite it's purpose, he seemed very proud of the work he'd done, and he seemed to have really enjoyed the one on one time you spent together.

The last six weeks, Emmet got into a bit of trouble at school, and some trouble with his sister, but none while you were around, so you've not had a chance to really use the paddle, despite you occasionally teasing him with it.

At least so far.

Tonight, you were over, helping make dinner, when Emmet came in. His sister immediately started griping at him. Apparently he's been late about three of the last four days, and she's warned him before. Not only that, but he was supposed to be home forty minutes ago. In your dad's house, more than thirty minutes late is an automatic spanking. While that's not a specific rule in this house, you do feel pretty strongly that repeated misbehavior is just begging for a sore bottom.

So, is his 'too late' your 'finally time' to test that paddle?

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."

2 Re: 16 June 2017 - Is Too Late Finally Time? on Thu Jun 15, 2017 4:55 pm


I think it time for a private chat with his sister at which I will advise that Emmett is taking advantage of her good nature. My advice is that Emmett needs paddling now but if the lady prefers we can deliver a final and much more specific warning that next time he is late without a good excuse or that we get another bad report from school that we consider was deserved the paddle WILL be put to use. What matters most is that we are on the same page over this

3 Re: 16 June 2017 - Is Too Late Finally Time? on Thu Jun 15, 2017 5:13 pm


I'm in total agreement with squarecutter on this ....

Hugs kal

4 Re: 16 June 2017 - Is Too Late Finally Time? on Thu Jun 15, 2017 5:33 pm


Me too.

5 Re: 16 June 2017 - Is Too Late Finally Time? on Thu Jun 15, 2017 6:04 pm


I'm with squarecutter, Kalico, and Kier.

6 Re: 16 June 2017 - Is Too Late Finally Time? on Thu Jun 15, 2017 6:10 pm

handmade straps

I think he has more than earned a good bare bottom paddling, and unless she has a good reason for me not paddling him. A good bare bottom paddling is what he is going to get. He is also going to be told from now on if he is late 3 times in the same week, or is 30mins or more late he will be getting spanked.

7 Re: 16 June 2017 - Is Too Late Finally Time? on Thu Jun 15, 2017 10:32 pm


Editor Extraordinaire
It's really not my call to make. I also don't want to be party to any punishment for which someone failed to make the rules and consequences absolutely clear. Kids' feeling a punishment is arbitrary is just as detrimental to discipline as not enforcing rules and consequences.


8 Re: 16 June 2017 - Is Too Late Finally Time? on Thu Jun 15, 2017 11:11 pm

David M. Katz

I think Square has summed it up nicely.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

9 Re: 16 June 2017 - Is Too Late Finally Time? on Fri Jun 16, 2017 2:21 am


I'm with Square too

10 Re: 16 June 2017 - Is Too Late Finally Time? on Fri Jun 16, 2017 2:58 am


I will follow Square too.

11 Re: 16 June 2017 - Is Too Late Finally Time? on Fri Jun 16, 2017 4:42 am


Lot of answers on this, so I'm going to go ahead and respond.

Yes, this was real life. It happened Wednesday, and it was reported to me yesterday morning by both Marcus and Emmet.

From what Marcus told me, Marcia was pretty pissed, but she was also cooking. Marcus called her name, and when she looked at him, he made kind of a 'do you want me to handle this?' gesture. She agreed and passed it on.

Marcus started by confirming the facts: that Emmet had been late several times recently, that he'd been late the day before, and that Marcia had warned him he'd be in trouble next time it happened.

"You've talked to my dad and little brothers, and Dad's told you some of the rules, since you're hanging out over there, right?"


"Do you know what happens if they're more than thirty minutes late?"

Wide-eyed nod after a seconds thought.

"And Marcia warned you you'd be in trouble next time you were late?"

Another, slow nod.

"Considering all that, and that you manged to be very late the very next day, I think it's time we broke in your paddle. What do you think?"

Emmet says he got kind of nervous right then. Marcus said he had a panic attack. Marcus let him beg and plead for a minute, then walked him through it again, and Emmet had to admit that he'd already had more than 'one more' chance. Of course, if you've ever had a boy in this situation, you know that mere facts won't stop him begging for mercy, but Marcus announced sentence, Marcia backed him up, and Emmet went along.

I haven't been to Marcia's apartment. I know Emmet stays there some, but I don't know where all the boys sleep. Marcus took him to the bedroom Emmet uses and told Em to get the paddle. Em pointed out that I bare the boys first, so Marcus sat down, and Emmet came to him. Despite my method, Marcus had planned to just take down Em's pants and boxers, but his shorts were a bit loose. As soon as they got past his knees, they hit the floor, so Marcus lowered the boxers, and they came off. He fetched the paddle and went over Marcus' lap with a lot of nerves, but not much fuss.

Marcus gave Em a standard, double pattern. Emmet was bawling by the end. Marcus held him until he settled down, they talked about why he'd been spanked, and then he got dressed. When they went back to the kitchen, Em was pretty sore, but also not keyed up. The three of them talked about the importance of being on time, and ideas on how to make sure you are on time.

Emmet talked to me the next day, at first because he asked if he could talk to Kenny and Colt about it. I told him that, while I might not spread stories about them (to their friends, at least), he could ask anything he wanted, as long as he remembered they didn't have to answer. He ended up checking with me to make sure Marcus had spanked him about the same way I spank the boys.

Emmet does have to shower after gym class. I've seen him changing into and out of his swim trunks. He's probably about early to mid stage 2 - some development but no hair yet. In other words, he's not especially shy. Being undressed is different, but Marcus undressing him didn't seem to bother him. He admitted that Marcus spanks a lot longer than Marcia did, and said that the brush is worse, but he thinks, overall, Marcus' spanking might have been worse than from his sister. He certainly didn't seem bothered by it - I actually think he liked that Marcus took control of him like that.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."

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