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BOTD 6/24/17 "Still Itching" A Peter Z Production

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David M. Katz

A Peter Z Production

You come in to the den and see your thirteen year old son, Danny, sitting awkwardly in a chair and with the legs of his shorts sort of pulled up.  You comment, "Danny, that position looks rather uncomfortable."

DANNY - 13
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Danny looks up from his phone with sort of a sheepish grin and says, "Well, it still itches a lot. I am trying to find a comfortable way to sit."

Danny returns to his phone and says nothing else but you know exactly what the issue is.  Yesterday evening you gave Danny a serious bare-bottomed switching for the combined offenses of shoplifting and lying about his whereabouts.

You were more severe than you had ever been with Danny but this was the first time he had ever committed a really serious offense and only his second ever switching. Usually your hand or a wooden spoon are sufficient for Danny's "crimes." Your son is usually cooperative during a spanking but this time he struggled against you for the entire ordeal.  Whereas Danny is normally in tears during spanking, yesterday he was howling and screaming.  You checked on Danny's condition a bit after the switching being a bit concerned that you had gone too far.  There were no bruises but his bottom and thighs were still red and criss-crossed with marks from the switch.  Danny said he was sore and "itched like crazy."  

Do you respond to Danny's statement that he is still itching?

Perhaps you simply remind your son that he is experiencing the consequences of his actions?

Do you offer an anti-itch cream?

Do you check Danny again to make sure there is no serious injury?

Is there any discussion at all or do you simply walk away saying nothing?

Were you too severe?

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

David M. Katz

Did I have a post-spanking discussion?

Even if I did then I think this is a good time for a follow-up. I will discuss the offenses and spanking with Danny and let him ask questions and express concerns.

After our talk I will offer him some 1% Hydrocortisone cream.

Was I too severe? Maybe. Did I allow a cooling off period? Was the switch necessary? Some self evaluation is necessary.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


The punishment seems harsh, but not inappropriately so given the reason. Hopefully we already discussed the reason for the punishment yesterday. It's not the moment to tell him this is the consequence of his actions, though. He was already punished and is forgiven now. No reason to talk about it unless he wants to. Since he doesn't seem to be mad I'll just ask him in a gentle teasing way, if he'll live, and that will give him the opportunity to talk about it if he wants. I'll also offer an anti-itch cream.


My real worry is that, it's hard for inexperienced switchers to avoid leaving little divots at the hips. If that happened, then we need to doctor them to avoid infection. If it's just some welts that are taking a bit longer to heal than others....

"Dan, can you pause the game for a few minutes?"

"I guess. Why?"

"I need to take a look at your rear and see how you're doing."

Here, his room, later - as long as we don't delay it too long, his preference is all right.

As he's baring, we'll talk about how he feels. I will probably offer hydrocortisone, since his attitude seems to be good.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."

Y Lee Coyote

I feel guilty for not responding appropriately to my son’s howls -- they were a warning sign which I ignored.  But, we must move on.

I second Jack’s medical worries with two additions --
(1) An antibiotic spray or cream.
(2) Worry about an allergic reaction from the plant.  He could be sensitive to that plant or the switch picked up, say, poison ivy.

We probably should also talk about things -- again.



There seems to be a general consensus here with which I agree regarding the discussion, visual check to determine what is the condition of the skin, and offer of the hydrocortisone cream. The other thing that I think a few suggested was a mental review (on my part) as to whether I may/may not have gone overboard here, or if perhaps there is an allergy or hypersensitivity to the switch material I used. That seems to be a good idea as well, and I will certainly do that.

I suspect I will be rather reluctant to use a switch on my son the next time a serious incident occurs, though.


18Smacked wrote:I suspect I will be rather reluctant to use a switch on my son the next time a serious incident occurs, though.

For sure I will only use a switch again if such a extraordinary thing happens again.

Maybe I will replay something like "Hope you do not need to get it like this again".

But from my side I will not go in any details.
After the punishment the table is clear again and I will not bring up the incident again.

Before his switching he was well lectured about his misdeeds.

So I will let him on his own with his phone and his itching bottom. He just needs some time to recover but without any cooling cream.


Editor Extraordinaire
Not much I can add to the other answers.



Punishment was yesterday; its over and I while I'm prepared to discuss it, it will only be if he brings the subject up again.

Had he said he was still sore I would probably just have ruffled his hair and walked away - but itch?

I'll ASK him to show me so I can see if he needs any treatment to ease it.  If he declines I'll enquire again about his itch tonight.

PS.  ....... If this was the UK I would have been a lawbreaker myself


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The fact that Danny isn't complaining about his switching and only mentioned the itch because I asked him about his sitting position tells me that he has accepted what happened to him and moved on.  As far as I can tell he does not think that his punishment was too severe.  I don't want to raise the issue of his offense again since it is not necessary and not a pleasant subject for either of us to talk about.  I will offer him some hydrocortisone cream for the itch, and I'll ask him if I may see the places where it itches.  If he doesn't want to show me, I won't insist.

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