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BOTD 06-28-2017 My Little Brother, The Bully! - A DMK Production

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A DMK Production

You have two sons:  Micah is eleven and Amos is nine.  Micah is a shy and reserved boy while Amos has an outgoing and aggressive type of personality.  Micah seems to submit to his younger brother.  You never noticed anything truly problematic about the relationship until today.

You stepped outside and saw:

MICAH - 11 and AMOS - 9
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You also overheard Amos telling Micah, "If you don't want me telling Dad what I saw you doing then you better do my chores until I say otherwise.  Also, if you say a word to Dad then I'll bust your nose."

What do you do?  What about this 'mystery' offense of Micah's?

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Can you dig it?


In general, I think it's best to let brothers work things out for themselves, and to "not overhear" private conversations.

This one, though, troubles me, since I don't know whether Micah is doing something truly dangerous or merely naughty. And I do know that I won't tolerate a blackmailer and a bully living under my roof with impunity.

So I'm going to clear my throat, tell them both I wasn't eavesdropping, but couldn't help overhearing the conversation, and clarify what's going on. If we can talk this out, and if the behavior isn't truly dangerous, I'm inclined to cut them both some slack, though both their ears will burn. If it's dangerous behavior, both boys are going to bed with burning bottoms, Micah for actually doing it, and Amos for not reporting it and trying to profit from his knowledge.


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I agree with Kier that I need to confront the boys right now. Micah's fate depends on what he did, but Amos has sealed his fate. I don't like the blackmail and the threat of violence. He's getting spanked.



Kier has my vote. It's time to intervene and bring some adult sanity before things go further. I'll spank or not based on the circumstances and their reactions, but to tell the truth, I'm more concerned about stopping this than about punishments. I can't be watching 24 hours a day.


A 9 year old threatening to bust his brother's nose is pretty worrying. Pity Micah isn't the type to respond by saying 'and if you tell Dad then I'll bust yours' as that might solve the problem, by reducing it to the level of a fraternal spat.

As it is though I think I've got to intervene or Micah could be in for some miserable years ahead. Whether we get to spanking depends on what is revealed.


I overheard, I am aware of Amos' aggressive character, and he is dead.

He'll suffer a long tirade on my views about blackmail and blackmailers before his pants come down and the hairbrush gets to work.  Then he'll be doing Micah's chores for a week, and I'll be checking on him.

Micah?  Whatever he did I didn't catch him, he's uninjured and no police sirens are screeching towards my door.

I will though be having a private chat with him, offer him an amnesty over whatever he did wrong and invite him to confess to me before Amos informs on him.  If its something serious we will discuss the implications.

The main purpose of this discussion will be to ascertain the real relationship between the boys.  If there really is bullying going on he needs protecting at home just as much as if it is occurring elsewhere.


Eavesdropping doesn't concern me at all in this situation, and if the idea bothers Amos, he'd best learn not to hold private conversations where someone can hear and see them by just opening a door.

Amos and I are going to be having a long conversation, and he'll be ready for his spanking LONG before I'm ready to give it. I will probably be giving him a long hand spanking, then keeping him over my lap long enough for him to settle down, so we can have a quick recap of what he did that was unacceptable, that will be punctuated by the hairbrush.

I'm going to ask Micah to tell me what he did. I can see some things that I might not have caught him at, that would still be serious (taking money from my wallet?), but I hope it won't be that big a deal. He and I will talk it out, then I'm going to have him repeat his confession in front of his brother. Then the three of us will have a talk about family.

What really bothers me is how I didn't notice this little thug before. Maybe this is an escalation that just occurred? Either way, I'd best help Micah learn to stand up for himself.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."

David M. Katz

I am going to need to agree with Jack here. This is a SERIOUS issue for Amos and he will be getting the mother and father of all spankings. Micah and I need to talk and I need more information before I decide what to do with him.

Do I need to consider some family counseling?

(And, yeah, Micah needs to learn to stand up to his brother.)

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


Amos is in big trouble. He can go to his room and wait his fate. Think I might use his Brothers paddle on him if he wants to play the big bully. As for Micah I am not sure I go quite as far as an amnesty but he needs to know he can tell me everything and wont think the worse of him. I do want to know what Amos has on him. Is it spankable, or worse. If he can be that soft with a 9 year old I am sure I can get him to open up about that and the bullying I just heard and saw. does he get that from boys at school as well?He will likely feel better for it. I worry that he is lacking in confidence /self assertion and consider some kind of therapy


I agree with was said before.

Micah is in trouble if he is bossed by his younger brother and that needed to be stopped.

And Amos needs to get a severs spanking.


I'm dittoing jack....

Hugs kal


I'm going with Jack and Dave on this one.

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