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BOTD 07-05-2017 Marvin Plays Your Heart Strings - An 18 Smacked Production

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Marvin Plays Your Heart Strings
An 18Smacked Production

Marvin - 10
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This is your 10 year-old son, Marvin. You have repeatedly had him violating curfew times, and after a few warnings and "breaks," you began using a paddle on his bare bottom, and after a couple sessions of that, he began observing the curfew times that you established. That was about three months ago, and now he has seemingly started backsliding. Three weeks ago, he came home twenty two minutes late. You let that pass, because he said that he was just having such a good time that he forgot to check the time on the phone. You thought that you'd let him get by with a warning then, and he did well afterwards, until tonight.

He was twelve minutes past his curfew this time- better than the twenty two minutes three weeks ago, and it is only two minutes past the ten minute leeway you always allow. But- is that two minutes significant, or can you just give him a good telling off now, and expect it to take? You really don't like spanking the kid, and you suspect he knows that!

Is he playing on your emotions, or can you let this pass with a real good telling off? Is it time for the paddle to make another command performance?

Can you dig it?


Well, I don't think 12 minutes is so awful, and three weeks ago is too long to still be on probation. I'll just tell him off and tell him he's on probation for a time: better not be late.


Just to make it clear; he was last late three weeks ago, but I am only taking note of that. There were no specific penalties being apllied to him in these past three weeks.

I apologize if that was in any way confusing.




Editor Extraordinaire
I'll go with Daniel's answer. Two minutes could be within my own margin of error.



I don't think 2 minutes, or even 12 minutes, rises to the level of a spankable offense, except maybe in Switzerland where, I understand, they are sticklers for time (such knowledge comes from reading "Heidi" many years ago).

I think it's worth pointing out he was just recently punished for being late, and he'd best keep track of time. I suppose that is "telling off", but I don't think it needs to be really scolding but more point of information.


I don't see this as a spankable offence. He's only two minutes after the deadline and this is the first time for three weeks.

Am I a martinet?

Mmmm....perhaps I should get one Evil or Very Mad


The way I see read the scenario, he is not two minutes late - he's twelve minutes late, but I excuse ten minutes, because stuff happens.

Having been three weeks without a problem, I'm not going to spank for this.

I am going to do three things:

1) Make sure he understands why I think it's so important to be on time (single biggest reason I've had to fire employees is that they can't be on time).

2) Help him find strategies to avoid being late (ask him before he leaves how long it'll take him to get there/home, then have him set his alarm for a couple of minutes early.

3) Clarify the rules so he knows what to expect - maybe mark his tardies on a calendar, if I feel it's a serious problem that we need to track.

I am not going to spank him for what appears to be two minutes over leeway after three weeks of good behavior. I will eliminate the leeway (employees need to clock in when they're scheduled and be ready to work, so I will expect him to be home at or before the time - not at some point after), and that we will use a progressive punishment system for later or recurring tardies, and that over thirty minutes or three times a a week will be an automatic spanking.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."

Emlyn Morgan

Heart strings? Moi? I'm going to whack him.


Is he just testing the water?

I'm going to send upstairs to bare his bottom and get the paddle.  After letting him sweat it out for a while I'll go up to take him across my lap, remind him of the rule and tell him that the next time he's just one minute late this is what will happen.

A single stinger, then he's free - and my answer to further questions will be "Find out"


I would follow Memory Man.
A few warning swats -that's maybe a way to handle this.

And a clear warning - next time a long bare bottom spanking even it is only one - ok say five - minutes late.


I'm going with MM on this one since I have very little tolerance for lateness.  It becomes very easy for that 10 minute leeway to be taken for granted.  Then he will always be 10 minutes late.

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