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BOTD 07-12-2017 Patrick Lit A Candle - A Peter Z Production

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Patrick Lit A Candle
A Peter Z Production

You are at St. Patrick Church to light a candle in memory of your recently passed brother. While there you see the son of your good friend.  You know your friend and his son, twelve year old Patrick, well.  You have known Patrick for a while, since you and his father became friends. Patrick is also lighting a candle.

You know your friend recently lost his mother and so you ask Patrick if he lit the candle for his passed away Grandma.

Patrick tells you that he did light a candle for his grandma this last Sunday but his one is for something else and then he asks you if it's true that you just need to strongly believe it, then it will help.

Of course you assure to him that the believe is the most important. You ask him if someone in his family is ill? He says no. After a few more questions you found out that he lit the candle for himself and that he is not ill but in real trouble. Patrick says he played a "bad trick" on one of his teachers that damaged the teacher's car. He was been seen by a neighbor's girl. No one else knows but the neighbor girl is threatening to tell on Patrick.

"If she tells then I am in for it."

You ask if he will get a spanking.  Patrick says, "No, it will be worse.  I will get a caning.  I have had the cane once and I really don't want it again."

Patrick - 12
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What will you do?

Do you give him hope or tell him that it will not help in his case?

Encourage him to confess it to his parents?

Will you tell Patrick's father and perhaps encourage your friend to go easier on his son?

Something else?

Can you dig it?

David M. Katz

I will encourage him to talk to his parents. I will offer to speak to his father, my friend, if Patrick wants but I make no promises.

It is ultimately up to Patrick but I will try to push him towards involving his parents.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


I don't know what I might say that would really help.  Que sera, sera.


K Club

Y Lee Coyote

I’m not a prist and especially in such a location I should not act like one.  At twelve Patrick is old enough to go to confession.  (I note that his father is not stated to be about so he gotten there alone.)  I would expect the Priest would tell him that he must resolve things with others.

Since I am privy to too much information already, I would offer to talk to Patrick later if he has a need to discuss things further with me rather than his father or the teacher.  Encouragement to own up before discovery would be the advice later.

Injecting myself between father and son without being asked or having permission would cause additional problems.



Editor Extraordinaire
I certainly wouldn't take it on myself to tell Patrick's father. I'm inclined to wish Patrick good luck and then leave unless he asks for further advice. If he does ask me for advice, I'll probably encourage him to tell his teacher what he did. I feel very uneasy that a kid is so worried about his father's reaction that he's come to church hoping for a miracle.



I share Kat's views on this situation.


I have before me a worried young man who knows that I am a good friend of his father yet he has trusted me with a partial confession.

I will tell him that it doesn't work like that, that one doesn't light candles for oneself.

I will also advise him that if he bites the bullet and confesses voluntarily and shows contrition that he will gain some respect. That although he will probably still be caned that there is every chance that the caning will be significantly lighter than if he had simply been found out.


Kat wrote: I feel very uneasy that a kid is so worried about his father's reaction that he's come to church hoping for a miracle.

Though a caning would be miserable, I see this more about being about the little girl. The scenario isn't real specific, but the way I read it, David didn't mean to damage the car, and he knows it was a bad trick. He feels he's already learned his lesson, and now this neighbor comes up threatening him and playing him, which is what's causing his stress.

David spoke to me privately, and that's how I intend to keep things. I will, however, point out that the girl can hold this over his head as long as she wants, and if he wants any peace, he might have to just confess and accept the consequences.

I really don't see anything else I can do for him.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


I think I will go with Memory Man.

Will have again a look at the picture.
Since the scenarios are true - this cute boy has already been caned once.

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