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BOTD 7/25/17 "Oh For The Peaceful Life" An 18 Smacked Production

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David M. Katz

Oh for the Peaceful Life!
An 18Smacked Production

You are visiting your parents who are in their eighties, with your two sons, Frank (11) and Mark (10). Before you left home, you discussed how your parents were elderly, and as a result, were "set in their ways," and if the boys were not on their best behavior, they may find that their grandparents were "very old-fashioned." At home, you reserved spankings for serious issues only, but your fear was that your parents may not be so restrained. While you didn't think (or was that you were hoping?) your dad wouldn't spank them without proper cause, you recognized that they were normal boys, and could at times be rambunctious.

Before you got to your parent's house, you stopped at a park a couple of blocks from there, and threw a football around for a couple of hours, so the boys could work off some energy before they joined their grandparents. You gave the kids instructions of how to get to this park, and told them that they could go there when they needed to blow off some steam.

But while eating lunch and reading a magazine one afternoon not long after you'd arrived, you heard your dad yelling at Frank and Mark about their behavior around the pool. The next thing you knew, they were being marched into the house by your dad, and he told Frank to stick his nose in the corner of the room, and not to move, "or else." With that, your dad pulled out a straight-backed chair to the center of the room, pulled down Mark's swim suit all the way to the ground, had him step out of it, and he then placed the boy "into position," clearly intending to spank his bottom. You grabbed your dad's hand and asked him what happened. He told you that the two boys were pushing one another on the side of the pool, and that this was no way to behave around the water.

Frank -11 and Mark - 10
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Does this accident merit the spanking that your dad was about to administer? Or, have you an alternate way to address the situation?

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


This scenario is very similar to the BOTD of 07/11/17 which also shows me threatening to interfere with a spanking delivered by my dad.  My answer to this one is the same:
Adric wrote:I think this is a difficult one to answer.  Clearly I would much rather Dad had waited and told me what happened and left it to me to decide what to do about it.  However, I feel it would be disrespectful for me to interrupt Dad while a spanking is already in progress.  I will leave it to him to finish what he has started, and perhaps discuss it with him later when the boys are not there.  My sons should not see me having a confrontation with my father, even if it is to save their little bottoms.


I should have a discussion with my father. Since I'm already there and there are differences in our parenting styles, it would be better if he left the discipline to me. I'll tell him that changing the standards suddenly will only confuse the boys, and that he should concentrate on being a grandpa and leave the punishment job to me.


As you are there with the boys your father does not have 'loco parentis' rights and should not be spanking the boys without your permission - which apparently he has not sought.

Tell him to stop what he is doing and you will deal with the boys in your normal manner. If he doesn't like that - tough.


First of all, I'm telling Mark to put his suit on, and telling them that Grandpa is right, and they know how to behave around the pool. Then I'll tell them they both have a ten-minute sit out.

I will ask Dad to please let me explain before he says anything. I will let him know that kids learn more from polite, respectful discussion, and if that needs to end with a consequence, that's fine. Yelling at a kid then spanking them for doing something they might not have understood was even wrong doesn't teach them anything except that adults can hit you when they're mad.

If Dad wants to have a discussion, that's fine. He probably doesn't want to get into how I really feel about the way he treated me when I was a kid, but I'll let him know if he pushes it. The ultimate point is, if he wants us to come visit him, there are rules to be followed, and if he doesn't, instead of a spanking, he'll just get to say bye and we won't make this type of visit again.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


On this I can follow Jack in each point


Ditto jack.....

Hugs kal


.................were elderly, and as a result, were "set in their ways," and if the boys were not on their best behavior, they may find that their grandparents were "very old-fashioned." ................

Shocked  What a Face I RESENT THIS Laughing Razz

Seriously as far as the scenario is concerned I find myself lining up with Jack

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Based on the scenario I'm guessing the boys haven't been warned about this once already, so I'm going to have to agree with Jack

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