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BOTD 08-02-2017 Gordon Ramsay in Training and All----An Anonymous Production

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Gordon Ramsay In Training And All...
An Anonymous Production

Your twelve year old son, Winston, loves cooking shows and has dreams of becoming another Gordon Ramsay; he recently watched a series in which children close to his age competed in a barbeque contest and has been inspired by this to help you with a cookout for a family cookout. He's really showing some aptitude for this, and you agree that he could probably do as well as any of the kids on the TV show...

There is a problem, however, in that the barbeque grill is too high for him; it's really not terribly safe and you've told him that he is not, under any circumstances, to do any cooking on the grill without direct adult supervision. This has been carefully explained to him and he's already been warned on a previous occasion.

You just nipped into the house quickly to go to the washroom, telling Winston that you will only be gone for a minute and warning him to stay away from the grill until you return.

When you return, you see this...

Winston turning the ribs over with his shirt perilously close to the coals.
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He looks sheepishly up at you and says "But, Dad, the ribs were beginning to burn..."

What do you do?

Can you dig it?


I'm going to ask what I told him, if I've told him before, if we've talked about why, and what happens to boys who can't obey.

Honestly, I should have just bought a stool for the kid, since I knew he was into this. I didn't though, and he directly violated a safety order, so I have a feeling there'll be something burning worse than the ribs.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


Winston, what's the difference between a pork rib and a boy?

You don't know, lad?

I'll tell you... pork ribs don't scream in agony when they're burnt -

He's still twelve (spankable under Canadian law)... he'll have toasted buns soon enough and all...

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Yes, I'm afraid I'll have to cook his buns, after such direct disobedience. affraid

Y Lee Coyote

Jack wrote:Honestly, I should have just bought  a stool for the kid, since I knew he was into this.

Another case of adult negligence getting a kid into trouble. <sigh>



I was cooking alone at 12 including lighting gas grills in the days when there was no such thing as auto-ignition. Winston turned the ribs, and his shirt doesn't look that close to the grill to me. He also didn't catch himself on fire or get burnt per the scenario. And he saved the dinner from being charcoal.

As Jack said, I should have just bought him a stool (or had one at home already). For me this doesn't rise to the level of a spanking, or even a smack. I'll point out he was supposed to stay away from the grill until I got back, and we'll go over the reasons why. I'll make sure there is a stool there, and thank him for saving dinner. He'd have obeyed if the ribs had burned, and perhaps caught the adjacent building or landscaping on fire, even though he could have prevented it. Would that have been better? While there are good reasons for at least some rules (including this one), sometimes there are even better ones for breaking them. I think it may be time to rethink the rule.


I think he could have branded the back of his upper arm on that hot grill, and perhaps jumped and knocked the grill over if it isn't anchored to the ground.  He may have saved the ribs but he disobeyed in the process even though I was very clear about what he should not do.  Sorry Winston, but direct and willful disobedience gets you a spanking even though you may have saved dinner.


Editor Extraordinaire
I'm with Kier.



Winston is not an infant, he is twelve. He feels a responsibility for the meal and in your absence has been presented with a dilemma.

Whilst in your view the decision he took was the wrong one it was taken in good faith.

Perhaps a safety talk but no punishment.


I'm with the K Club.

Mind you, it could never happen with me as I hate barbecued food.

Emlyn Morgan

Ah, yes! Barbecues. What can you say?

Anyway, I'm going to cane that Winston.


We had wood crates everywhere. In the bathroom so we could reach the sink. In the kitchen to reach the upper cabinets. On the porch to sit on, even in the back yard to play with. Too bad Winston didn't have a wood crate handy.

Unfortunately for Winston, even if had a wood crate to stand on, it was a SAFETY rule. Safety rules are safety rules for a reason. To keep you safe from yourself.

Winston has a passion. I get it. But it is better to drive the point home now while he is young so he doesn't continue to overlook safety when it gets in the way of his passion.

Sorry Winston, better a good old fashioned spanking now, than permeant scars from a hot fire later.

I say that from experience. One of my brothers was a cook in the army. While on maneuvers he was filling lanterns, still hot, with a paper cup with gas in it. The cup caught fire, then he caught fire and spent months in the VA Hospital going through burn treatments. He will carry those scars all of his life and he still has the nightmares associated with it.

So give Winston a good spanking and save him from future nightmares.

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